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Market transformation.  We use that term a lot around USGBC but I don’t think I completely grasped its full power to change lives and change the world until yesterday, when we made our announcement about the new partnership with Hanley Wood and Greenbuild.

We’ve been talking a lot about the fact that it’s our 20th anniversary. 20 years to get to here, and, man oh man, here is a place I’d never, ever thought we’d see. But what if “here” was not just the United States but four continents in three years? What if “here” was faster greening of Main Streets around the world because new resources were available to invest in our local chapters and global LEED Professional networks? What if “here” was now enhanced and expanded because we had the capacity to put three or four of the dozens of big ideas currently underway at USGBC on rocket fuel and get them in the market’s hands faster?

That’s what this amazing partnership we announced yesterday will do. It will shorten the timeline for market transformation because we’ll be able to do more across our entire program of work by making possible investment in great technologies, product development, community development and advocacy.

And now we’ll do it in more places sooner and do it better than anyone in the world is capable of doing. And we’ll do it with the full support of a strong business partner that shares our mission and values the things that have made Greenbuild such a critical tool in the market transformation we’ve enabled to date.

And the best part? At least as far as the content, quality and unique experience, nothing changes at all. USGBC will continue to produce Greenbuild’s hallmark programming: thought-provoking plenaries, industry-leading education, the popular pre-conference sector summits, the USGBC Leadership Awards and other special events that make Greenbuild the leading conference and expo for the green building movement. Hanley Wood will marry its expertise in news, analysis, information and award-winning exhibition and conference management with Greenbuild to help take the business side of the conference to the next level. We chose Hanley Wood because it's an organization that has worked with us for many years on many levels as a long-standing member of USGBC and a committed and passionate green building supporter. We can leverage our combined strengths into something even greater...sooner.

This is big moment for us all. This partnership allows us to invest in our core mission and advance every priority laid out in our strategic plan faster – investment in our chapters, expansion of the green building marketplace, cultivation of sustainable cities and communities, broader influence on green building policy, enhancement of tools that improve performance of green building, a broader focus on human health and social equity and more and better tools and resources for all our members as we work together toward real market transformation.

Greenbuild is one of the critical tools we have used in that effort. It’s gathered the best and sparked the brightest new ideas at how we can really change the world. Every outcome matters, and the relationships we’ve forged and the friendships we make and the passion we share and the fun we have needs to move to scale.

Smart organizations anticipate and evolve. We know the future is demanding more of us in more places. It’s pushing us to move faster and  think bigger. And speaking of big, wait until you hear who our opening plenary speaker is next week!

We know that, to realize our mission, we must evolve every day. This partnership is the next step in USGBC and Greenbuild’s evolution. And   we know the proof is in the pudding. So start making your plans now for  the 12th annual Greenbuild in Philadelphia this November so you can experience first-hand our commitment to this next level of market transformation.  We’re hopeful that “here” is where you want to be, too.

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