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More options for LEED projects interested in demand response

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Meet the two newest members of the DRPP team.
The Demand Response Partnership Program (DRPP) is a collaborative effort that unites the demand and supply side of the energy grid with the goal of increasing participation in smart grid and demand response programs. Today we’re proud to announce our two newest members.
NV Energy is the DRPP utility host for the state of Nevada. This expands the reach of the program and makes it available to LEED projects (in the applicable rating systems) that are NV Energy customers. 
NV Energy is Nevada’s largest electric utility providing electricity and natural gas to about 1.5 million citizens throughout Nevada as well as a state tourist population exceeding 40 million annually. The company’s service territory spans 45,592 square miles. They have also developed the mPowered Commercial pilot program, a new demand response offering designed to improve a commercial building's overall energy performance through intelligent, automated HVAC optimization and minimize or eliminate the impact on occupant comfort during times of peak demand, while still reducing the strain on the electrical grid.
In addition to the outreach efforts, DRPP is very focused on gaining a better understanding of user-focused programs like demand response and smart grid. Enerliance, a technology service provider, will gather data from buildings before, after and during demand response events that will help address this goal.
Enerliance is the company behind LOBOS, an intelligent optimization system for large buildings that offers improved comfort, energy-efficiency and fully-automated demand response capability. Today, they work with energy service contractors, mechanical contractors, building automation contractors, controls manufacturers, utilities and other LOBOS-certified partners across the country. 
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Supervisor, Interior Services Department, NV Energy
Congratulation to both teams! Way to GO!!

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