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New and Improved Way to Certify Multiple Buildings

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In 2005, USGBC developed the application guidance for multiple buildings and buildings on a campus. Since then, we’ve continued to refine and expand both the document and the supporting tools.

The newest update includes two key features.

The first is Group Certification, which allows project teams with separate buildings that are substantially similar to certify as one project that shares a single certification. This is now available in addition to the existing Campus approach, which allows buildings to take credit for shared attributes on a site and achieve separate LEED certification for each project, building space or group.

The second feature comes in the form of LEED Online for Campus. Project teams using LEED 2009 for Campus Program projects have the added support of an interface that will:

  • Support a faster workflow
  • Streamline processes and approval across several projects
  • Provide a more flexible structure that facilitates collaboration across multiple project team members
  • Feature forms designed specifically for Campus projects based on the guidance provided in the Application Guide for Multiple Buildings and On-Campus Building Projects

Together, these new features add more flexibility and save project teams time as they certify multiple buildings.

Getting started (projects using LEED 2009)


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Melissa Gallagher-Rogers

Vice President, Technical Solutions U.S. Green Building Council

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Vice President, Technical Solutions, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Neshat, Yes, the April 2014 version of the guidance is applicable to all projects for both LEED v2009 and LEED v4. You can use that version of the guidance for your project. Please let us know if you have other questions. Thanks!
Engineer, Ramboll Group
Hello, I am currently working on a LEED NC - v2009 Multiple buildings project that was registered in Sept 2013. What document should i refer to as campus guidance. This page leads to a link with the campus guidance effective from April 2014. Can i use this for reference? Thanks
Heery International, Inc.
Your new website is not accessible much of the time. Why does it not work? I can only get access using Chrome. Why is that?
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Glenn, we have not heard of anyone having these issues, but our IT team will reach out to you directly to help with any issues you're having.
Fentress Architects
I am looking for additional clarification on the "substantially similar" criteria for buildings in a Group Certification. Could someone point me in the right direction please. Thanks.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Deborah, Please note that buildings within a Group only have to be 'substantially similar' in the EBOM rating system/s In the D+C rating systems the buildings/spaces just have to qualify for the same particular rating system to pursue Group (along with the other qualifications listed in the AGMBC). The Glossary of the AGMBC ( defines it thusly: Substantially similar – For EBOM group certification, projects must contain buildings that function as a cohesive facility, such as a collection of dormitories or a corporate headquarters. In these cases, it is expected that all building are the same space type, but exceptions may be made for some projects with limited deviation, such as a corporate headquarters that has a separate cafeteria building that falls under the same central management and can legitimately be included as part of the group certification.
Project Manager, LEED Specialist, Interior Designer, SL+A INTERNATIONAL ASIA INC.
I am interested in the new LEED Online for Campus platform (I have worked with LEED Campus projects in LEED Online v3 already), however would like to know if the following example project is an appropriate LEED Group project: A multi-building Resort comprised of one main building (with services, amenities, restaurants, retail) surrounded by individual villas without kitchens. We believe this would be a LEED Group project, sharing a Master Site. Is this correct? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Architect / LEED Administrator, Integrated Environments + Architecture

Hi, We registered for LEED-New Construction for one dining building in a campus setting awhile back and have not submitted for design review. The Owner has added one pavilion building (with lighting, sink & electrical outlets) by which the Full-time employees from the main building will serve this pavilion as well. How do we proceed, can we migrated on LEED Online to the Group Certification or do we have to re-register?

LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Natalie, If the pavilion contains at least 1,000 sq ft of space that would qualify as "gross floor area" per the definition of that term in the LEED 2009 MPR Supplemental Guidance (, and you want to certify both buildings as a single LEED project, please use the GBCI Contact Us page ( to request a migration to the new LEED Online for Campus platform. Likewise, if you want to take credit for most shared aspects of the site when certifying one or both of these buildings (but you want separate ratings), you must use the 'campus credit' (master site) approach, which would also require transferring/migrating the existing project to the new LEED Online for Campus platform. Again, you may simply contact us to submit that request.

If the pavilion has over 1,000 sq ft of "gross floor area" but the owner/project team does not wish to certify it, you may define a separate site area for that pavilion and exclude the pavilion and its portion of the site consistently from this LEED project's application, in which case it is not necessary to migrate to the new platform.

If the pavilion contains less than 1,000 sq ft of "gross floor area" (either because it is very small or is not enclosed), the project team may include it within the main building's LEED project boundary and applicable calculations as a "non-LEED-certifiable building" that is essentially treated like an extension of the certifying building. (See page 26 of the MPR Supplemental Guidance.)

Green Building Consultant, Ebert & Baumann Consulting Engineers, Inc. doing business as Baumann Consulting


The new LEED Online for group projects is much better- more streamlined and a better overall platform.

However, I have a question- I'm trying to submit a group project and cannot see how to submit it, and have not heard back from USGBC/GBCI that I have reached out to. Please advise!

Thank you,

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