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In January, we published an article on credit substitutions. Based on interest, we now have additional substitutions available for LEED for Homes and Multifamily Midrise, as well as a new pilot alternative compliance path for the Materials and Resources credit category:

Materials and Resources Pilot Alternative Compliance Path: Pilot ACP 84 (new)

LEED v2009 project teams can now use the LEED v4 Materials and Resources credits, which have changed significantly to incentivize environmental product declarations, sourcing of raw materials, material ingredients and life cycle impacts.

The pilot alternative compliance path and point allocation detail can be found here.

To use the v4 credits, projects must:

  1. Register for Pilot ACP 84
  2. Complete all attempted MR credits using the LEED v4 sample forms available at and any
    required documentation from the v4 MR credits.
  3. Complete the pilot credit feedback survey (one survey required per project)
  4. Upload registration confirmation, survey confirmation, completed sample forms and other documentation required in the LEED v4 credits into LEED Online under the LEED v2009 MR credit sections. 

Homes and Midrise Multifamily credit substitutions LEED v2008 to LEED v4 (new)

To use any of these substitutions, inform your Green Rater that you would like to use the v4 version of the applicable credit(s). The green rater should evaluate documentation based on the LEED v4 credit requirements and document achievement in the project submittal documents.

v2008 Credit v4 credit Points Homes or Mid-rise
ID p 2.1 Durability Planning and ID p 2.2 Durability Management MR p Durability Management No points Homes & Midrise
ID c 2.3 Third Party Durability Management Verification MR c Durability Management Verification Earning v4 credit earns full credit in v2008 (3 points) Homes & Midrise
SS c 3 Local Heat Island SS c Heat Island Reduction Earn 1 point in SS Heat Island Reduction v4 to earn full credit in v2008.
Earn 1 point in SS Heat Island Reduction v4 to earn 1 point in SS 3.1 Reduce Site Heat Island Effect. Earn 2 points in SS Heat Island Reduction v4 to earn 1 point in SS 3.1 and 1 point in SS 3.2 Reduce Roof Heat Island Effects  credit in v2008. Midrise
SS c 4.1 and SS c 4.3 Surface Water Management SS c Rainwater Management Earn 2 points in SS 4.1 for every 1 point earned in v4.
If 3 points are earned in v4, earn 4 points in SS 4.1 and 2 points in SS 4.3


Earn 1 points in SS 4.1 for every 1 point earned in v4.
If 3 points are earned in v4, earn 2 points in SS 4.1 and 2 points in SS 4.3.
EA c 7.1 Efficient Hot Water Distribution EA c Efficient Hot Water Distribution System Options 1 or 2 Earning v4 credit earns full credit in v2008 (2 points) Homes & Midrise

O+M credit substutions

BD+C credit substitutions

ID+C credit substitutions 

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Hi, If a project have submitted a application to LEED 2009, can they continue with that application or should they reapply to LEED v4? And if it's not mandatory, would you recommend reapplying to get LLED v4 certified instead of LEED 2009?
LEED Specialist, East Tennessee Chapter of the USGBC
Thank you for your questions, Suzane! Project applications in a LEED v2009 rating system may continue through to certification under that rating system. Please see this article for more information about upcoming LEED v2009 registration sunset dates and certification sunset dates: . The team may wish to 1) consider the anticipated timeline for the building construction relative to the LEED v2009 certification sunset date, and 2) assess credits in both versions LEED v4 and LEED v2009 and compare the results. For project teams that are interested in evaluating LEED v4, the LEED v4 User Guide contains a summary of the changes and language from LEED v2009 to LEED v4 here: . After this analysis, if your team is interested in upgrading your LEED v2009 project to LEED v4, please contact us directly at , and we will be glad to help!
Mechanical Engineer, TATA consultancy services
Hi, I have LEED BD + C 2009 version hard copy. for preparing Leed AP do i need to buy new version LEED V4 reference guide or it is sufficient to take care of addenda items alone.( by downloading addenda table...) Kindly answer me..
., .
Thank you for your interest in earning the LEED AP Building Design and Construction credential. Yes, I would recommend investing in LEED v4 references to prepare for the exam. To explain and support my recommendation, please review this free summary of the major changes, accomplishments, and language for LEED v4: Additionally, in lieu of a study guide, we have a number of resources available through our website. I would recommend taking the following steps: 1. Study and learn from the list of references here: 2. Consider reviewing some of the free practice questions in this article: 3. Visit the credit library ( and check out many examples of projects ( 4. Check out this free video introduction to LEED v4 here: 5. Finally, you may also find other exam preparation options online or through Education @USGBC here: Good luck!

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