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Several new and interesting pilot credits have been added to the LEED Pilot Credit Library in the past few months, many proposed by USGBC members.

Here are some of the new pilot credits available to your projects:

Pilot Credit 81: Green training for contractors, trades, operators and service workers

Building trades and contractors are essential to successful green construction. Their active participation and cooperation is needed for successfully implementing many green building practices, as well as the achievement of numerous LEED points. In addition, knowledge of green materials, installation techniques, and operations procedures will allow workers to better implement plans and specifications so that green buildings can fully perform to their design. Training trades, contractors, and operators about green building can increase the number of green, and LEED buildings, as familiarity with green practices will decrease construction time, cost, and errors.

This pilot credit is a comprehensive approach to educating contractors, trades and operators by providing an approved training and certificate program focused on sustainability, green building, LEED and green work practices.

The new pilot credit is not limited to any one training program. Any training program that meets the requirements described in this credit will qualify as an approved program and will be posted in the resources section of the pilot credit.

Pilot Credit 80: Environmentally preferable interior finishes and furnishings

This pilot credit rewards projects with finishes and furnishings from manufacturers who have validated multiple environmental attributes relevant to the product via independent third party certifications and that have publically disclosed the product attributes on which the certification has been granted.

Credit can be earned for ANSI/BIFMA e3 – 2012 Furniture Sustainability Standard (Levels 1, 2 and 3) and other USGBC approved multi-attribute certification programs.

Pilot Credit 79: Material ingredients product manufacturer supply chain optimization

The Supply Chain Optimization Working Group will be fleshing out the details over the next year. The call for volunteers to participate was open for the month of April and the group will begin work soon. The credit/option is designed to reward leadership practices and innovation along all points of the building product supply chain as verified by third party programs. 

Pilot Credit 78: Design for active occupants

Research has shown that improvements in building and site design and operation have measurable impacts on occupant physical activity, and are important, alongside neighborhood design, for reducing the health problems associated with physical inactivity and associated health problems.

The design for active occupants pilot credit aims encourage physical activity among building occupants through accessible and inviting stairways, physical activity in work areas and fitness areas within the project space.

All pilot credits are reviewed and approved by the Pilot Credit Working Group and the LEED Steering Committee before being added to the library.

Interested in proposing a pilot credit? Check out the pilot credit overview page for more information.

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Architect, Owner, ChicagoGreen LLC
Batya, what is the usual time it takes to get a new Pilot Credit approved and listed in the PC Library once it is submitted and given the USGBC ok to proceed? or what are the steps after submittal of the form? and would we need a LEED project to pilot it first? I will tell you more about the idea after we discuss on this end further. Thanks, John
Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi John - The time it takes for a pilot credit to be approved mainly depends on how many committees need to review the proposal and what types of comments or edits those committees recommend. Also, not all proposals become pilot credits, the committees can choose not to approve a proposal. More detail on the pilot review process can be found in the help section of the website.You do not need to have a LEED project in order to propose a pilot, you would just need to be part of a USGBC member company and submit through the pilot proposal application. Hope that helps.

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