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New report: Building professionals are prioritizing human health

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Building industry professionals and owners are placing increasing attention on health in design and construction plans according to a new SmartMarket report by McGraw Hill Construction. USGBC was a contributing partner to the report. 

The report, “The Drive Toward Healthier Buildings: The Market Drivers and Impact of Building Design on Occupant Health, Well-Being and Productivity,” finds that over 70% of commercial architects and residential interior designers, over 60% of nonresidential owners and residential architects, and over 50% of contractors and home builders see health as having a high impact on their decisions by 2016. 

However, the report also indicates that the critical connection between a healthy building environment and patient health is often missed by the one group of professionals who may matter most — physicians. 

Other key findings include:

Several healthy practices are now standard practice for architects, used by more than 80%: enhanced moisture control (81%), improved drainage of roof, wall and/or foundation (83%) and design for daylighting (93%).

Owners who track information are seeing benefits from green buildings, but a significant percentage also don’t know how their healthy buildings translate into tangible benefits. This represents a key area for future research, increased tracking and communication. 

  • 66% of owners report improved employee satisfaction and engagement, the most successfully measured metric included in the survey.
  • 47% of owners report healthcare costs reductions but most of the rest (52%) don’t know specific impacts.
  • 21% report higher employee productivity, but a high percentage of the rest (56%) don’t know the specific impacts.

Visit McGraw Hill Construction to access the full report.

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