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Now available: LEED v4 candidate handbooks

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Starting on June 30, 2014, the LEED Green Associate and LEED AP exams will evolve for the LEED v4 rating system — and the candidate handbooks are now available to help you prepare.

  • The last day to take the credential exams with LEED v2009 content will be June 15, 2014.
  • The first day to take the exams with the new LEED v4 content will be June 30, 2014.
  • No tests will be administered in between these dates.

LEED v4 candidate handbooks

Click the images below to access each handbook.


LEED AP Homes and LEED AP ND candidate handbooks coming soon.

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Nora Knox

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The new LEED V4 exams have been updated the reflect the most current knowledge reflected in LEED and Green Building. It is also based on the V4 rating systems while the previous exams were based on the V3 rating systems. I would not recommend using the V3 reference guides when it comes to V4 content.
Instructor/Consultant, Local 32BJ Thomas Shortman Training Fund
For LEED for Homes Candidate Handbook, are you still using the 2009 version? I am interested in applying to take my LEED for Homes AP exam, and I would like to know which current application I should use. Also, I have experience on a LEED EBOM project. Does this qualify me for the Homes AP exam?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Mark, we are now using the LEED v4 candidate handbooks, and you can find the links to each in the article above. Exams are only available for LEED v4 now, so we recommend using the LEED v4 candidate handbook and not the LEED v2009 handbook. You may find the links on the following page helpful to prepare for your exam, and to help you determine if you would like to take the LEED for Homes exam, or the LEED EB O&M exam.
Principal, Salus Architecture
Nora: Do you ever envision LEED for Healthcare will develop a professional credentialing program?
Director of Sustainable Education, GreenCE, Inc.
There isn't anything like an adaptation specific LEED AP credential at this point, and the same question could easily be asked for Schools, Data Centers, Warehouses, and others. A possibly better role for USGBC, which I think they are already doing to a large part, is working with industry groups as an informed contributor to elevate education and professional licensing. That said, it would be cool to see a more dynamic credential - ooh the possibilities.
Urban and Infrastructure Planner, Washington University in St. Louis
I have taken appointment for LEED GA exam on 30th June. For the same I was referring to Candidate Handbook updated March 2014. Now Candidate Handbook June 2014 released and major implication is introduction of LEED Core concept guide 3rd edition. I am referring to 2nd edition since one month and now at last moment what should I do ?? will June 30th Exam refer 3rd edition or 2nd edition ??
Architectural Field Engineer, Hyundai Engineering and Construction
hi nora.. am i still eligible to take LEED GA v4 even though i got a training certificate for LEED 2009? if not, why should i do?
Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Marco, there are no eligibility requirements for the LEED Green Associate. Learn more.
Project Architect, Stantec
Hi Nora, Will there be any changes to the reference and study guide to LEED ND as well? If so from when will the exam for LEED ND be changed to V4 version. I reference and study material of 2009 and continuing with it. I couldn't find any handbook for LEED V4 for ND as well.
Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Jingnesh, we expect that the ND exam to feature v4 content in 2015, at which point we will release a candidate handbook. In the meantime, you should continue to use LEED 2009 study materials.
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