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Prepare for your LEED AP Homes Exam

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Congratulations on taking your first step toward earning your LEED AP Homes credential! The key to earning a LEED AP with Specialty credential is a thorough understanding of green building, the LEED Rating System and the ability to facilitate the certification process. Please note the LEED AP Homes exam will begin featuring LEED v4 content on July 1, 2015. Learn more.

Access the candidate handbook for exam policies and procedures

Planning to take the Green Associate exam at the same time as the LEED AP exam? Check out the exam prep for the Green Associate exam.

The exam is based on the following test specifications and references.

Please note: LEED professional exams are updated on July 1 of every year; this update incorporates LEED addenda published through January 1 of the same year. Additionally, no exams will be offered from June 15-July 1 of each year.

Sample Questions

These sample questions were discarded during the exam creation process, and they are provided to allow you to better familiarize yourself with the format and general content of items on the exam. The ability to answer these questions does not predict or guarantee your ability to successfully answer questions on the actual exam. Correct answers are marked with an asterisk*.

  1. In order to determine if a site is suitable for a LEED for Homes project, the project team should evaluate the status of endangered species on the site by:
    A. Consulting local forestry officials.
    B. Searching the NatureServe Website.
    C. Reviewing the Endangered Species Act.
    D. Checking federal and state endangered species lists.*

  2. Which three approaches should be used to reduce surface water runoff? (Choose three.)
    A. Graywater system
    B. Permeable surfaces*
    C. Permanent erosion controls*
    D. Rainwater harvesting system*
    E. Roof runoff diverted to storm sewer system
    F. High-efficiency landscape water system

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SB Architects
The link for LEED for Homes Rating System is broken
Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Teresa, thanks for bringing to our attention, the link has been updated.
Hi, I just want to confirm that LEEP AP HOMES exam will still be based on LEED 2009 content until July 1 2015. Is this correct? I read somewhere that the exam is going to be updated to LEED V4 content in January 2015.
Director of LEED Support, Green Building Certification Institute
The LEED AP for Homes exam will feature v4 content in the second quarter of 2015. If you would like to test based on LEED 2008/ 2009 content, please ensure that you schedule your exam for the first quarter of 2015.
Sustainability Consultancy
Yeah, I have the same question with Joseph A Torres. Is LEED for Home AP required project experience?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Yes, the experience requirement has been removed. Experience with a LEED Project is still strongly suggested.
Owner, The Green Home Advantage LLC
Other than reading the comments, how were we supposed to know the AP portion of the exam was from the v2009 edition and the GA portion was from the v4 edition?
Hi Bruce, this was announced in the following article. http://www.usgbc.org/articles/leed-professional-credential-exams-feature...
LEED AP, Designer, co-owner, Emu Architects
The link from this page for the Rating System is also dead: http://www.usgbc.org/resources/leed-homes-v2008-01012010-present It's kind of confusing for those of us looking into taking the specialty exam for LEED Homes... should we be waiting until the exam reflects the v4 changes? If so, when will that be? I'm just having a hard time understanding why the prep material and the rating system are at two different stages, know what I mean?
First, thank you for bringing the broken link to our attention. The LEED AP Homes exam, is not scheduled to feature V4 content until summer of 2015. If you plan on taking the exam before then you will be testing with 2009 content. Please remember that all the LEED AP exams have two parts, the LEED Green Associate then the LEED AP portion. The LEED Green Associate exam features V4 content, which is why all of the preparation materials are updated to feature V4.
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