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Prepare for your LEED AP ND Exam

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Congratulations on taking your first step toward earning your LEED AP ND! The key to earning a LEED AP with Specialty credential is a thorough understanding of green building, the LEED Rating System and the ability to facilitate the certification process.

Access the candidate handbook for exam policies and procedures

The LEED v4 exam is based on the following test specifications and references. The exam questions reflect Task Domains and Knowledge domains.

Planning to take the Green Associate exam at the same time as the LEED AP exam? Check out the exam prep for the Green Associate exam.

Task Domains: Task Domains reflect the tasks necessary to perform LEED® safely and effectively. These include concepts such as LEED Project and Team Coordination, LEED Certification Process, Analyses Required for LEED Credits, and Advocacy and Education for Adoption for LEED Rating System.

  • LEED Project and Team Coordination (30%)
  • LEED Certification Process (30%)
  • Analysis Required for LEED Credits (30%)
  • Advocacy and Education for Adoption for LEED Rating Systems (10%)

Knowledge Domains: Knowledge Domains reflect the rating systems’ credit categories and what one needs to know. These include concepts such as LEED Process, Integrative Strategies, LEED credit categories, and Project Surroundings and Public Outreach.

  • LEED Process (13 Questions)
  • Smart Location & Linkage (21 Questions)
  • Neighborhood Pattern & Design (23 Questions)
  • Green Infrastructure & Buildings (21 Questions)
  • Project Surroundings and Public Outreach (7 Questions)


The primary sources for the development of the LEED professional exams are the LEED rating systems. The following list of references is not meant to be comprehensive. When combined with the test specifications, the candidate has the material from which the exam is based.

This exam is designed to test the knowledge and skills necessary to participate in the design process, to support and encourage integrated design, and to streamline the application and certification process.

Please note: LEED professional exams are updated on July 1 of every year; this update incorporates LEED addenda published through January of the same year. Additionally, no exams will be offered from June 15-June 30 of each year.

Sample Questions

These sample questions were discarded during the exam creation process, and they are provided to allow you to better familiarize yourself with the format and general content of items on the exam. The ability to answer these questions does not predict or guarantee your ability to successfully answer questions on the actual exam. Correct answers are marked with an asterisk*.

  1. Which agencies should be consulted to determine if imperiled species exist within the project's boundaries? (Choose two.)
    A. Audubon Society
    B. Department of Ecology
    C. Natural Heritage Program*
    D. State Fish and Wildlife Agency*
    E. Environmental Protection Agency

  2. A project team has decided to reduce the development footprint of its design by clustering development, using predominantly multi-story buildings, and providing underground parking facilities in place of surface parking. Bicycle parking and shower facilities will be provided to encourage use of alternative forms of transportation and 10% of total parking spaces will be reserved for carpool parking. Based on this information what credit will the project most likely achieve?
    A. Green Infrastructure and Buildings Credit, Heat Island Reduction
    B. Smart Location and Linkage Credit, Bicycle Network and Storage
    C. Green Infrastructure and Buildings Credit, Stormwater Management
    D. Neighborhood Pattern and Design Credit, Reduced Parking Footprint*
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Planner III, City of Fort Lauderdale
Can a LEED ND exam course be made available soon? It would be great to learn more in person.
Lead Landscape Architect, Parsons
I'm accredited LEED Green Associate and want to upgrade to LEED AP ND; do I need to attend training course?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
You do not need to attend a training course to sit for the LEED AP ND exam. At a minimum we suggest you purchase and study the LEED v4 ND Reference Guide available here : For a full list of references used to develop the LEED AP ND exam please download the LEED AP ND Candidate Handbook :
Associate Landscape Architect (Atelier Dreiseitl), Ramboll Group
Hi - I have the LEED AP BD+C title and would like to upgrade to ND as my focus is more in the Urban Design / Planning area. Do I still have to take the Green Associate test or just the ND part? Is there a link to maybe where this question may have already been answered? Thanks - Jeremy.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Candidates who have already passed the LEED Green Associate Exam can register for the specialty only portion of the exam, and do not need to sit for the entire composite exam. Typing your question in our main page search bar will often give you Help page resources where answers can be found. In this case I'm glad you posed the question here!
Master Planner, PARSONS
How many hours of study are recommended to pass the LEED AP-ND exam?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Lucas, A recommendation for the number of study hours required would be difficult as each candidate possesses a unique level of knowledge and experience. I can recommend starting with the resources listed above for the LEED ND section and refer to this article and associated comments to prepare for the LEED Green Associate section of the exam: Good luck!
Architect, Sustainability Consultant, Multiple LEED Specialty Credentials., Architects Crang & Boake Inc.
In the Reference Guide for Neighborhood Development 2009, there is a complete section about Certification Application includes the stages of certification, under Reference Guide for Neighborhood Development V4,this section has been omitted. Where we can find the updated certification stages for LEED ND and this would be out of exam knowledge domains ?
There's LEED ND every month this year? How can I please know the dates?
Director of LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council
LIke all LEED AP exam, LEED-ND exams are taken at Prometric testing centers and can be scheduled for any time at your convenience through Prometric. The first step is to register for the exam at You will then be directed to Prometric's site for scheduling. Learn more here:
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