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LEED in motion

It’s simple, really. There’s nothing else like LEED to advance green building, whether you are a Fortune 100 company or the U.S. General Services Administration. If you’re serious about saving money, saving energy, reducing water, improving indoor air quality, making better material choices, and driving innovation, then LEED is the best choice, bar none. There’s nothing else even close.

That’s exactly what we told the General Services Administration earlier today. In response to GSA’s request for information (RFI) on green building rating systems, which closed today, we told GSA how LEED has been and continues to be invaluable to thousands of building professionals and why it has been successful at driving a booming green building industry. Clearly, our voluntary, consensus-driven LEED certification program is the best choice for the GSA to retain its status as a leader in energy and sustainability. Anything less isn't leadership.

There is political pressure on GSA to not use LEED from certain trade associations that want more points for their industries at the expense of others, but the choice is clear. In a letter to GSA in July of 2012, 1,260 companies from the green building industry opposed deviating from LEED in federal facilities because such a change would “add cost to the building and leasing process across the building industry.”[1] We believe that following the private sector’s market-tested best practices is smart business. They choose LEED for a reason. Just as LEED is the best choice for the private sector, it is the best option for the GSA and any governmental actor looking to advance the triple bottomline benefits of green building.

The main reason is that LEED isn’t just a rating system, it's also an extensive infrastructure designed to support green building across every facet of the industry. Behind each LEED plaque is a dynamic interaction between the technical development process, education and professional infrastructure, online review process, diverse industry representation, customer service infrastructure, on-going analytical capabilities, and proven performance.

LEED is driving the green building movement — absolutely unmatched by any other available tool.

To see why LEED is the only rating system diverse and dynamic enough to continue to drive market transformation, check out our latest infographic that shows LEED in motion.

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Account Executive- Major Projects, Triumph Modular

Great article, Lisa. LEED certified building practices are certainly beneficial to both the public and privates sector and will continue to be relied upon as both sectors attempt to reduce energy costs and at the same time boost revenues. At Triumph we are seeing an ever increasing number of projects that specify a LEED requirement. I wholeheartedly agree with your statement "There’s nothing else like LEED" and enjoy involvement in LEED projects.

Past (2012) NY Upstate Chapter Chair, Past CSC, and Director of Sustainability Programs, DASNY

That's the point I also made in my letter to the GSA. Of the three systems they are intently reviewing, LEED is the only one designed to be adjusted to remain just ahead of the comfort zone of the market.

I noted that, just as buildings need to be tweaked and re-commissioned to remain efficient and to improve over time, so does the system need to be tweaked. The GSA should recognize that commitment, applicability, and continual improvement strategy as value not currently achievable elswhere.

I really like the graphic - is it downloadable from somewhere?

Technical Solutions, U.S. Green Building Council

Jodi - thanks for sending a letter directly to GSA, it is greatly appreciated. As for the graphic, I know you can save the image if you right click on it. However we will work on getting a full quality copy available for download. I will let you know once we have it posted.

Director, Community - New York Upstate, USGBC - New York Upstate Chapter

Well said, Lisa...and it's simple, really! The infographic makes a powerful statement.

Technical Solutions, U.S. Green Building Council

Thanks for you comments and support Tracie.

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