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Getting to certification more quickly

No one likes delays or surprises in a LEED review. We've made great strides at improving the timeliness and accuracy of our reviews, and we're working toward even quicker turnaround and more predictable results. We know that strong, organized submittals = faster certification process.

We’ve been listening to you, and we’re proud to introduce LEED Proven Provider, a new way for project teams to submit those perfect (or nearly perfect) submissions with a more supportive, customer-centric experience for LEED users.

Enhancing the certification experience with LEED Proven Provider

LEED Proven Provider is for experienced organizations that demonstrate excellence in their role as LEED Project Administrators and offers a streamlined LEED project review process.

LEED Proven Provider helps participants and LEED reviewers work together to enhance the LEED certification experience. Participating organizations invest in quality control and continuous improvement, while LEED reviewers increase their direct engagement with project teams. Our objective is to encourage high quality submissions and minimize the need for additional work before the final review. Ultimately, we want to see more LEED projects achieve their desired LEED certification threshold and finish the process at the preliminary review. 

High-quality submissions allow LEED reviewers to spend less time chasing down documentation and more time on areas that require their expertise. In turn, this frees up reviewers to provide more value to project teams in the form of direct engagement, education and support.  

Recognizing your achievement

Organizations that demonstrate and maintain high quality project submissions through participation in LEED Proven Provider receive additional benefits:

  • Recognition from USGBC. The LEED Proven Provider model was created to recognize organizations with a sustained track record of high-quality project submissions. 
  • Use of the LEED Proven Provider mark. This mark, much like the LEED AP, identifies you as a leader and benefits your business.
  • Streamlined LEED certification process. High-quality submissions result in your ability to skip phases in the review process and can improve projects’ chances of achieving LEED certification after only one review.

Get started

Learn more about LEED Proven Provider.

Interested in getting started? Let us know

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Director, Fencas Real Estate Development Company
Dear Dror, I am interested in being a Leed AP,ID+C.Please will you kindly explain how the process works as i am new.Thanks.
Membership, Credentialing, and Education Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Ehikioya, Thank you for your question. To become a LEED AP ID+C, you will need to first register for either the combined exam (LEED Green Associate + ID+C specialty exam) or the LEED Green Associate exam only first. If you register for the LEED Green Associate exam only, you will first need to pass that exam before taking your ID+C specialty exam. Please see this USGBC website: Here is a step by step process: 1) Create a USGBC account (go to and click on account and then "create one") 2) Go to 3) Click on the exam you would like to register for (again, you will need to decided if you want to take the LEED Green Associate and the ID+C specialty exam at the same time or if you want to complete one before you take the other) 4) Register and pay for the exam 5) Schedule your exam 6) Study for your exam Here is a great article on getting started with earning your LEED Green Associate exam: It provides many resources and suggestions for being successful in the LEED Green Associate exam. Here are resources for preparing for the ID+C exam: • Reference Guide: • Free Candidate Handbook, including Sample Questions (available in multiple languages): • Introduction to LEED v4 (created by the USGBC, free with subscription):
President, LEED AP O+M, LORD Green Real Estate Strategies
LORD Green Strategies has been in the LEED Proven Provider program since it was conceived in early 2013. This exclusive program is the best thing the USGBC has done for our clients! LORD Green provides the highest quality submissions to the GBCI and, in turn, we are rewarded with direct access to USGBC reviewers and expedited reviews. It’s a win-win!
LEED AP O+M, Deloitte Finance
This program rocks! Thank you, USGBC, for rewarding our hard work at LORD Green by making things easier for our clients.
LEED AP O+M, LORD Green Real Estate Strategies
I really like the streamlined review process. Before this program was made available to USGBC’s highest-quality submitters for LEED certification, there were multiple GBCI reviewers, resulting in inconsistency and frustration, at times. Having earned LEED Proven Provider status from the get-go, our efforts are rewarded with quick, expert answers to our questions and expedited reviews.
Director, Enterprise Performance Management, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Erin! LEED Proven Providers will be recognized within the USGBC organization directory @ This should go live within the next few business days.
Sustainability Manager, Development Associate, AMLI Residential
Thank you!
Sustainability Manager, Development Associate, AMLI Residential
Great addition! Is there a directory where Proven Providers can be identified? Thanks!
Director of LEED Support, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Erin - Please see Dror's response (posted above): "LEED Proven Providers will be recognized within the USGBC organization directory @ This should go live within the next few business days."
Sustainability Manager, Development Associate, AMLI Residential
Thank you!

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