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Posted in LEED
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It’s here!

The LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Recertification Guidance is now available. This new document is the first of several steps USGBC is taking to establish a clear LEED recertification program for projects that have achieved certification under any version of the LEED for Existing Buildings rating systems.

Looking at the document, you’ll find that we define the recertification performance period, specify the documentation projects need to provide and the documentation projects don't need to send this time around. There are also sample forms available in LEED Online that projects should use as supplements to the guidance as they go through the new document.

Based on feedback we receive from you over the next couple of months, we’ll make further edits to improve your recertification experience.

Continue to stay tuned as we roll out additional resources, including LEED Online functionality in spring of 2013. And take some time to consider if you would like to work collaboratively with USGBC to recertify your project – we may reach out to you and your projects!

Note: This version of the guidance supersedes any previous guidance published by USGBC or GBCI. If you are currently pursuing recertification and using another set of guidance, please contact our customer service and they will put you in touch with someone to discuss your path forward.

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Commissioning Authority, LEED & M&V Consultant, Lutz Engineering, Inc.
Our client's two buildings just achieved recertification under LEED EB O&M 2009. What rating system will they need to utilize for their next recertification, assuming that it is after the deadline for LEED 2009 registration? Will they be required to complete a new certification under LEED v4? Thanks for your help.
Hi Rebecca. Projects will be held to the requirements of the version of the rating system that is open for registration on the date the project registers for recertification.
Godrej & Boyce Mfg. Co.
Our project is going for recertification, however 'Online-Forms' do not show 'Options for mentioning information about recertification'. Whereas we have downloaded the 'Recert. Forms' from USGBC website wherein there is an 'Option given to mention information about recert.'
LEED Specialist, East Tennessee Chapter of the USGBC
Thank you for your question! You are correct that the live, online forms do not show the recertification option. Re-certification project teams can use the offline Sample Recertification forms in lieu of the standard live, online certification forms. The Sample Recertification forms are available on the USGBC website here: . Be sure to set the rating system filter to Existing Buildings - Recertification. The completed Sample Recertification forms can then be uploaded to the Special Circumstances section of the appropriate forms within your project. Further information and a link to the LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance Recertification Guidance is available here: .
Sustainability Coordinator, McGough Companies
We have a 2009 EBOM project in for recertification right now. The original certification happened in 2009/2010. I am hearing that our team should have applied/submitted a form of sorts by last August (2014) that would extend our eligibility for the 2009 version. I am also hearing that if this application/form was not submitted by August of '14 that our 2019 recertification will need to be in v4? Or even reapply? Is any of this true? Thanks, Jen
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Jennifer, an O+M certification can be recertified any time within 5 years, so a certification in 2009 would have to be recertified by the same month in 2014. When that has not happened, a new O+M certification will be necessary. At this moment, you can choose either v2009 or v4. Projects can register in v2009 until October 1016.
LEED AP O+M Project Manager, Sustainable Options, LLC
What is the protocol for obtaining new forms for our current recertification project? We are now into the 2nd year of a 5-year recertification program but the forms we have on LEED Online are the same as for an initial EBOM certification.
Program Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Nancy, You can currently view sample recertification forms by logging into LEED Online v3 and clicking on the sample forms link at the top of the page. The recertification forms are not currently live in LEED Online. At this time, while you are completing your recertification application, you can either use the initial certification forms, or you can complete the recertification sample forms offline and upload them to the live forms for your project.
Principal, Sustology
Pro Reviewer
Megan, Where are the recertification sample forms in LEED Online? Can you provide a link or screen shot? All I'm seeing are the same forms as the initial certification for LEED O+M.
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Melissa - Someone from our team responded to you directly via email, but I am posting the response here for other people's reference. At this time, best solution is to use the recertification forms for your project. The recertification forms are available in sample forms only, and are not live in LEED Online yet. You have a couple of options: you can use the recertification sample forms, complete them offline, and upload them to the live form in LEED Online using the special circumstances option. Alternatively, you can just use the live forms in LEED Online. You can find the recertification forms here: When filtering please select "Rating System", "is", and "Existing Buildings - Recertification" and then click "Apply".
LEED Green Associate, Ernst & Young LLP
Hi, Just curious if the recertification forms are live in LEED Online yet? Or if we still should fill out the offline forms and upload them. thanks!
LEED GA, Polaris Realty

How much to recertify?
THank you

Program Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Kim, Registration for recertification is free- contact us to receive a promo code for the free registration. The certification fees are the same as for an initial certification- please refer to our fees page:

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