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LEED registration close and sunset dates

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Continuous improvement—it’s in our DNA and what drives LEED to evolve along with technology and the needs of the marketplace.

As new versions of the rating systems are introduced, earlier versions are phased out so that we are constantly pushing for the transformation we aspire to.

At any given point, LEED rating systems are either:

  • Open for registration and certification, or
  • Closed for registration, but open for certification, or
  • Closed for registration and certification (sunset)

How long do you have to register or certify?

Good question, the registration close and sunset dates for all rating systems are published in the Guide to LEED Certification (for LEED v4 projects) and the LEED Certification Policy Manual (for all other versions). To make things a little easier, we also have them listed below.

Rating system Registration Close Certification Sunset
New Construction (v2.2) 6/27/09 6/27/15
Core and Shell 6/27/09 6/27/15
Commercial Interiors 6/27/09 6/27/15
Existing Buildings 5/31/08 8/31/14
Schools 6/27/09 6/27/15
Homes 6/27/15 6/30/21
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 6/27/09 6/27/15
New Construction (and Italia NC) 6/27/15 6/30/21
Core and Shell 6/27/15 6/30/21
Schools 6/27/15 6/30/21
Retail: New Construction 6/27/15 6/30/21
Retail: Commercial Interiors 6/27/15 6/30/21
Healthcare 6/27/15 6/30/21
Commercial Interiors 6/27/15 6/30/21
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 6/27/15 6/30/21
Neighborhood Development 6/27/15 TBD
Homes Midrise 6/27/15 6/30/21

Can these dates change?

Sometimes they do, and 99.999% of the time, the changes are in favor of project teams.

  • The sunset date for projects registered under LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance v2.0 has been extended so projects now have until August 31, 2014, to either upgrade to a newer version or submit for certification. That’s an extra 90 days.
  • The registration close date for all LEED 2009 rating systems has been extended to June 27, 2015. That's an extra 27 days.

If the sunset date for your chosen rating system is on the horizon, don’t panic — you have options. If your project is ready, submit for certification. You can also upgrade to a newer version that’s open for registration.

All rating systems are open for certification for a minimum of six years after the close of registration.

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Selina Holmes

Manager, LEED Marketing and Communications U.S. Green Building Council

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Manager, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
what is the deadline for taking the version 3 exam for Green Associate? IS it June 30th or June 15th?
Senior Digital Marketing Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Harold, the deadline for taking the LEED 2009 Green Associate exam is June 15; the first day to take the LEED v4 exam is June 30. Learn more.
Principal, Crozier Architecture, LLC
If the design credit submittal is complete and waiting for construction completion on v2.2 NC is the close still 2.27.15?
Manager, LEED Marketing and Communications , U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Mary Pat, I have a correction: New Construction projects that have gone through design phase review, projects have either a) 18 months after the delivery of the Final Design Review or b) until the rating system sunset date (whichever occurs later) to submit their Construction preliminary review.
Port of Los Angeles
We are in construction under v2.2 with completion anticipated for December this year. We had Design Review completed 9/17/12. We are targeting EA c3: Enhanced Commissioning. If we have to submit a document (task 6) for reviewing building operation in the period between 8-10 months after handover followed by a resolution plan, that will put us in Aug-Oct of 2015 past the sunset date of 6/27/15. Will we get an extension and how do we go about getting one?
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