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LEED registration close and sunset dates

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Updated November 18, 2014

Continuous improvement—it’s in our DNA and what drives LEED to evolve along with technology and the needs of the marketplace.

As new versions of the rating systems are introduced, earlier versions are phased out so that we are constantly pushing for the transformation we aspire to.

At any given point, LEED rating systems are either:

  • Open for registration and certification, or
  • Closed for registration, but open for certification, or
  • Closed for registration and certification (sunset)

How long do you have to register or certify?

Good question, the registration close and sunset date guidance for all rating systems are published in the Guide to LEED Certification (for LEED v4 projects) and the LEED Certification Policy Manual (for all other versions). To make things a little easier, we also have them listed below.

Rating system Registration Close Certification Sunset
New Construction (v2.2) 6/27/09 6/27/15
Core and Shell 6/27/09 6/27/15
Commercial Interiors 6/27/09 6/27/15
Existing Buildings 5/31/08 8/31/14
Schools 6/27/09 6/27/15
Homes 10/31/16 6/30/21
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 6/27/09 6/27/15
New Construction (and Italia NC) 10/31/16 6/30/21
Core and Shell 10/31/16 6/30/21
Schools 10/31/16 6/30/21
Retail: New Construction 10/31/16 6/30/21
Retail: Commercial Interiors 10/31/16 6/30/21
Healthcare 10/31/16 6/30/21
Commercial Interiors 10/31/16 6/30/21
Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance 10/31/16 6/30/21
Neighborhood Development 10/31/16 6/30/21
Homes Midrise 10/31/16 6/30/21

Can these dates change?

Sometimes they do, and 99.999% of the time, the changes are in favor of project teams.

  • The sunset date for projects registered under LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance v2.0 has been extended so projects now have until August 31, 2014, to either upgrade to a newer version or submit for certification. That’s an extra 90 days.
  • The registration close date for all LEED 2009 rating systems has been extended to October 31, 2016. Please note, while the registration date has been extended, the last day projects can submit for certification, also called the sunset date, remains the same: June 30, 2021. The decision to keep the sunset date in 2021 was voted and approved by the LEED Steering Committee.

If the sunset date for your chosen rating system is on the horizon, don’t panic — you have options. If your project is ready, submit for certification. You can also upgrade to a newer version that’s open for registration.

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Sustainability Consultant, Steven Winter Associates, Inc
To be eligible for NC v 2.2 certification, would a project need to be certified prior to 6/27/2015 or would the project just need to be submitted by 6/27/2015?
Director, Marketing, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Sarah, projects need to submit for certification by June 27th (or within 18 months after the delivery of the final design review).
Founder of CO2nnsulting, CO2nnsulting
Pro Reviewer
Selina, I can see that this response is still unclear to most. Please confirm whether when you write submission for certfication by 27 June 2015, whether you meant: a) design review - preliminary or final b) construction review- preliminary or final c) certified completely.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Conn - I think Dean answered your question in your other post, but to respond directly, for all Sunset dates, you must submit the Preliminary Combined, or Preliminary Design review on or before the Sunset date. Deadlines for subsequent phases of review are unique to each project, based on when the preceding phase was finished (typically 25 business days). Check the rating system appendix of the Certification Policy Manual for details on v2 projects.
Principal, MV+A Architects
I am ready to register my project in LEED V3 2009, but the web site does not give me this option, where should I go to register?
Director, Marketing, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Lila, here's the link
Green Building Program Manager, City of Scottsdale
I've been waiting for a response from the Certification Operations Liaison at GBCI about a project that has an approved design credit submittal and is ready for construction completion submittal on v2.1 NC. Based on the comments, it looks like the certification sunset will be 6/27/15.
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Anthony, the LEED-NC v2.1 sunset date was on 12/15/2011. All version v2.1 projects must be submitted for Construction Review within 18 months after the delivery of the Final Design Review, unless an project-specific extension has been awarded.
Manager, Kaiser Foundation Health Plan
what is the deadline for taking the version 3 exam for Green Associate? IS it June 30th or June 15th?
Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Harold, the deadline for taking the LEED 2009 Green Associate exam is June 15; the first day to take the LEED v4 exam is June 30. Learn more.
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