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Sneak peak: Sample questions for the LEED v4 credential exams

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With the launch of LEED v4, new LEED v4 professional credential exams will be released on June 30, 2014. Learn more

In the v4 exams, each item will have two test specification attributes: knowledge and task attributes.

Want to know more?

Check out the sample questions below to get a sense for the type of content that will be tested. (Answers are followed by an asterisk).

Sample questions from the v4 Green Associate exam

1. When applying for innovation credits, a project team

  1. Cannot submit any previously awarded innovation credit.
  2. May receive credit for performance that doubles a credit requirement.*
  3. May submit a product or strategy that is being used in an existing LEED credit.
  4. May receive a credit for each LEED Accredited Professional that is on the project team.

This question represents Knowledge Domain A. LEED Process, credit categories and Task Domain A. LEED Green Associate Tasks A developer wants to make a profit by building a new office that maximizes daylighting and views.

2. A developer wants to make a profit by building a new office that maximizes daylighting and views. What actions might the developer take to fulfill all parts of the triple bottom line?

  1. Restore habitat onsite
  2. Purchase ergonomic furniture
  3. Pursue local grants and incentives
  4. Provide lighting controllability for occupants*

This question represents: Knowledge Domain I. Project Surroundings and Outreach, environmental impacts of the built environment and Task Domain A. LEED Green Associate Tasks, assist others with sustainability goals.

Sample questions from the v4 LEED AP with specialty exam

1. The city is building a new botanical garden and is attempting LEED® certification. What could the educational program include to earn an Innovation in Design Credit?

  1. Present the building’s sustainable features at the grand opening
  2. Present the building’s sustainable features at a town hall meeting
  3. Provide on-going weekly tours highlighting the building’s sustainable features*
  4. Publish a press release to the local newspaper outlining the building’s sustainable features

This question represents: Knowledge Domain: LEED system synergies (e.g., energy and IEQ; waste management).

2. How should athletic fields be treated in the calculations for WE Credit, Outdoor Water Use Reduction?

  1. Must be calculated using 100% potable water
  2. May be included or excluded from the calculations*
  3. May be calculated using a standard 20% reduction from baseline
  4. Must be calculated using at least 20% from an alternative water source

This question represents: Knowledge Domain: Outdoor water use reduction: irrigation demand (e.g., landscape water requirement; irrigation system efficiency; native and adaptive species) and Task Domain(s): be a resource for LEED credit achievement (e.g., provide resources, training, tools, demonstrations of sample credits), manage LEED template(s)/certification process in LEED Online (e.g., review for completion), identify project-specific strategies, educate others (and self)

Apply for your exam today.

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Energy Modeler, KJWW Engineering Consultants PC
Does LEED exam offer unit conversion table? such as sqft to acre?
., U.S. Green Building Council
Thank you very much for your interest in earning one of the LEED credentials. At your local Prometric test center, you should have access to a conversion tool within the exam. However, we also provide you with both the metric and imperial units for all questions requiring them. This is intended to make the exam accessible to candidates who may be more familiar with one measurement system over another. For more information about what to expect on your exam day, please feel free to contact your local Prometric test center ( and to consult the candidate handbook for the exam you would like to take:
can anyone please give me exact link to purchase GA practice questions? Thanks
Project Manager, Education Platforms, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi, This course comes with practice exams, as does this study guide. Good luck!
Civil Engineer, Saudi Binladin Group
Where can I find practice test papers for LEED AP BD+C v4 from USGBC ?
Project Manager, Education Platforms, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Ashraf, LEED v4 exam prep materials are now available for purchase. Please check out this article for more information! Thanks!
Digital Marketing Manager, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Ashraf, we encourage you to search online for practice tests from other organizations.
LEED 5AP Consultant, China Architecture Design Institute Co.Ltd

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