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What are the goals, mission, and vision for the rebooted USGBC Orange Countys Emerging Professionals (EP-OC)?

On May 16th, attendees of EP-OCs 2013 kick-off event, a Visioning Charrette, collaborated at DPR Constructions LEED-CI Gold space. The event began with networking amongst both emerging & established professionals of varied industries over wine & hors d'oeuvres. Our brand new Core Group (Diana, Carolyn, Sara, Thomas, and Tasso) went into action setting up, pandering raffle tickets, and enlivening conversations.

Michael Giorgione, Rear Admiral, CEC, USN (Ret.), PE, kicked off the show by motivating guests with a leadership presentation on how to be assertive (but not aggressive) and how to be proactive, yet patient and respectful. With over thirty years of leadership experience and a strong passion for renewable energy, he equips others with the tools to be successful leaders. 

Act two was the Visioning Charrette was led by EP-OC mentor & EPNC Recruitment Chair, Bret Hanson. Attendees broke into small groups called creative tables to brainstorm ideas for the (5) Five Visioning Points of the night: Facts, Needs, Constraints, Opportunities, and Goals. Armed with various expression tools like writing utensils, post-its, trace, Bret's furious instruction, and a cow bell, we were able to harness the collective mind and produce the future of EP-OC. During the opening round each of the five points were creatively attacked in separate time segments. Attendees brainstormed on a topic individually for 1 minute, discussed as a table for 2 minutes, and once the cowbell rang, each table had 30 seconds to present and tag their best idea on giant post-its. EP-OC Core Group members were positioned at each table to facilitate discussions, while Michael and Bret circulated the room to help encourage ideas. 

Act 3, the Popcorn Round, featured Bret wielding his roll of trace randomly at tables and individuals to present whatever idea they had at the time. It was faster. Round 3, the fastest, was the Riot Round in which tables were instructed to sprint up and post the rest of their ideas on the post-its. It was fast-paced creative mayhem!

As attendees recovered from the sweat inducing pace, Core Group members broke out an old school ticket raffler for some green goodies. Afterward, networking moved to a local watering hole as a few of the attendees and Core Group members kept the conversations flowing.

Moving forward, our EP-OC Core Group will organize and analyze the ideas and develop a strategic plan including: goals, a mission statement, and an overall vision that will then be available to our USGBC Orange County members. The strategic plan will encompass the ideas gained at the event to better shape the future of EP-OC for our Orange County members. 

Check out our USGBC-OC Facebook page for pictures and a summary of all the ideas posted.

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