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Our USGBC Studio blog offers some terrific resources for the marketing and design aspects of green building business. Staff experts speak to the challenges and solutions that can help your website, social media campaigns and marketing be as effective and up-to-date as possible. This blog was originally posted on July 6, 2015 as "Intro to Design Thinking Series: The Art of Brainstorming." 

We’re familiar with brainstorming as being a collaborative group discussion where the participants all contribute ideas that will ultimately create a solution to a problem. This is indeed true… but what constitutes a great brainstorming session? What is the formula for making amazing ideas? Where do you start?

Rally the troops

No brainstorming session is complete without a good team. Grab a couple people from each area involved in project production: creative team, project managers, content strategists, client/task manager, marketing associate, etc. You want a diverse group that can contribute different perspectives on the project. Definitely have a moderator, someone to keep everyone on track when the idea wheels start churning.

Ready, set…

…a time limit. One to two hours. Enough time to get some steady creative juices flowing and not too much, where you run the risk of burning out or overthinking. You can always have follow-up sessions. Prep the team before the meeting, so that everyone arrives on the same page when the session starts.

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Head Designer, ArtFinder
"The Art of Brainstorming". I bet even the title was written and/or designed from a brainstorming session. Nice article btw. Eva Visnjic

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