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Study tips: LEED v4 professional exam

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LEED v4 is here, and beginning in June 2014 LEED professional exams will evolve to reflect the the LEED v4 rating system. 

Here's a quick refresh on how this will play out for the LEED Green Associate, BD+C, ID+C and O+M exams (exams for Homes and ND will feature v4 content in 2015):

  • Last day to take a LEED 2009 exam: June 15, 2014
  • First day to take a  LEED v4 exam: June 30, 2014
  • No tests will be administered from June 16-29, 2014

We know you want to be well-prepared for your exam so you pass on your first try — and we want you to be well-prepared too!

Here are some study tips to help you prepare.

  • Test specs and sample questions: Check out the test specs and sample questions in the LEED v4 candidate handbooks. Click the images below to access each handbook.

LEED AP Homes and LEED AP ND candidate handbooks coming soon.

  • LEED Core Concepts Guide and Reference Guides: These LEED v4 guides provide a comprehensive overview of how to navigate a LEED project from registration through certification. Click the images below to access each guide.

LEED AP ND reference guide coming soon.

  • LEED v4 exam prep: Coming fall 2014. USGBC is supporting Education Partners to make sure they have the resources, knowledge, and skills to produce best-in-class education. This fall, Education Partners will release LEED v4 study materials.
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Project Manager, CCM Inc
Hello, I Purchased LEED Green Associate exam preparation guide V4. Is this sufficient to be studied for LEED Green Associate exam? Is there any comprehensive package offered by USGBC or GBCI to be the main source of study? Bests, Nima
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Nima, Candidates preparing for the exam have a wide range of experience and background, so the study needs may be different for everyone. Start preparing for your exam by consulting the LEED Green Associate candidate handbook, especially the test specifications and references: In addition to the LEED Green Associate Exam Preparation Guide, we also offer the LEED Core Concepts Guide and there are other exam preparation materials through Education @USGBC. Here is the link to the Core Concepts Guide: Here is the link to Education @USGBC: Good luck!
Architectural Designer, John Webb Construction and Design
I am going to take the LEED AP ND before June 2015. Is it going to be based on LEED V4 or LEED V3? Can you please reply the same question about LEED AP Homes?
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Hi Sahel, Thank you for your interest in LEED credentials. The LEED AP ND exam began featuring v4 content on February 25th 2015 while the LEED AP Homes exam will not feature v4 content until July 1, 2015. For more information please look at the following articles:
Architect, Looking for work within Singapore
I have two weeks left for my LEED green associate exam. Where can one find 'only' sample tests for practice?
Director of Sustainability @ GBRI, Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
Hi Shivani, not sure if I had already posted a reply for you. Pardon me if I did. Here is a link to LEED GA Mock Exams. Good Luck! I am sure you will do good!
Architect, al wasl al jadeed architects
I have taken my LEED Green Associate Exams on february last year which was based on the LEED V3 and am planning to take LEED AP (based on the latest V4 Version) exams soon. how much is the new system different from the earlier system and how much preparation should i do for the AP ( i dont have any LEED experience as such) . Can you recommend me any books that i can purchase from USGBC which will be beneficial for me...
LEED Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
Thank you for your interest in the v4 LEED AP exam. We recommend reviewing the recommended study materials in the Candidate Handbook (available free, here: and studying the Reference Guide for the appropriate LEED exam ( Good luck!
Director of Sustainability @ GBRI, Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
Hello Ijaz, Congratulations on your LEED GA Credential! The requirement to submit proof of project experience no longer applies but LEED project experience competency is assessed within the exam. if you are looking for an Exam Prep that addresses LEED Project Experience as well - here is one - created by USGBC Education Partner GBRI -
Hi, I am currently looking for comprehensive study material for ID+C v4 exam. I've only seen links posted here for BD+C. I was also curious where the link provided for the BD+C ( a comprehensive study for the exam or will I have to find additional resources else where? Thanks.
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