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Study tips: LEED v4 professional exam

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LEED v4 is here, and beginning in June 2014 LEED professional exams will evolve to reflect the the LEED v4 rating system. 

Here's a quick refresh on how this will play out for the LEED Green Associate, BD+C, ID+C and O+M exams (exams for Homes and ND will feature v4 content in 2015):

  • Last day to take a LEED 2009 exam: June 15, 2014
  • First day to take a  LEED v4 exam: June 30, 2014
  • No tests will be administered from June 16-29, 2014

We know you want to be well-prepared for your exam so you pass on your first try — and we want you to be well-prepared too!

Here are some study tips to help you prepare.

  • Test specs and sample questions: Check out the test specs and sample questions in the LEED v4 candidate handbooks. Click the images below to access each handbook.

LEED AP Homes and LEED AP ND candidate handbooks coming soon.

  • LEED Core Concepts Guide and Reference Guides: These LEED v4 guides provide a comprehensive overview of how to navigate a LEED project from registration through certification. Click the images below to access each guide.

LEED AP ND reference guide coming soon.

  • LEED v4 exam prep: Coming fall 2014. USGBC is supporting Education Partners to make sure they have the resources, knowledge, and skills to produce best-in-class education. This fall, Education Partners will release LEED v4 study materials.
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Hello, when is the LEED AP ND reference guide will be ready? I'm having a hard time finding an exam prep for LEED ND V4 - any suggestions? thanx
Oak Contracting, L.L.C.
This site is very confusing. So are there study materials for the AP BD+C test or not? Please help.
I am so sorry you are having difficulties. Here is an article that can help! You also may consider exploring the course work located within Education@USGBC as well.
I am so sorry you are having difficulties. Here is an article that can help! You also may consider exploring the course work located within Education@USGBC as well.
how long doo i need to be well prepared to the LEED combined exam BD+C
Hi Ahmed, This is a difficult question to answer because the time frame really depends on the person. In general we recommend at least three months, but this varies widely.
We're sorry that you weren't able to download the Green Associate Candidate Handbook. When we use this link, we aren't able to duplicate the error. Please let us know if you continue to have difficulties and we're glad to help!
Senior Specialist, Sustainability Services, CD SONTER Ltd., Environmental Consultants
Hello, I'm interested in writing the LEED AP exam within the next year, but having a hard time finding a study guide on your website. I did download the Candidate Handbook, but I'm not sure that will be enough material for me to study. I checked out the "Pre-order: LEED professional exam prep (LEED v4)" article, but there is nothing pertaining to the LEED O&M exam on it. Is there a study guide available for the LEED O&M? If not, when will one be released? Thank you, Nichole
Thank you for your interest in the LEED O+M exam. At this time, we do not have a LEED O+M v4 study guide available for purchase. The best resources to study at this time can be found in the list of exam references within the Candidate Handbook. The references include the LEED O+M reference guide which is available for purchase by following this link. maintenance. You may also consider courses provided through Education@USGBC.
senior architect, Option One
I registered for the LEED AP( BD+C) in DEC 2013 , the validity is one year, and i need more time to study as there is now a new version v4 so i am planning to take the exam next summer, i do not want to recharged again, so can i extend the validity date??
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