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By 2025, China intends on moving 250 million of its residents from rural areas to cities. Since many of the living spaces required to meet this goal do not yet exist, this policy is fueling a surge in building throughout the country. 

USGBC is interested in understanding how we can better support the efforts of our members to expand your business to China and offer sustainable options in the midst of China’s surge. 

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GM, CCG Shanghai
Perhaps we can work together...
Architect, Rossiter Architecture PLLC
Mr. Ching, I had a wonderful experience while visiting your city last September. I was amazed by the city and it's architecture, both new and old, and most of all the gracious people. I felt honored by everyone I met. I was so lucky to have my new friend Shi Yong, take me to her family and friend reunions in Beijing, Dalian, and Shanghai over a five week period. I was also amazed with the 100's, if not thousands of building under construction. We toured all of the points of interest in Beijing, including The Great Wall, and the Summer Olympics Grounds. The wonders of Dalian and it's coast line and street markets. As an architect, I was especially excited the night we walked along the river at the "Bond", and watched the boats lit up with colored lights, and then a fire works show with the modern skyscrappers in the back ground. Truely a wonderful site to see. There were a lot of ads for the new cities, and housing projects which gave me a good sense of the growth that is and will be taking place. I am hopeful of going back and trying to find work. My friends there would like that. Wish me luck. I am preparing for my LEED Assoc. and know that China is very interested in energy and environmental issues in that regard. Marshall Rossiter AIA

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