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Are you interested in becoming a LEED professional but you're not sure if you're eligible?

Here's the good news — you are eligible!

Wondering how that's possible? 

USGBC offers two categories of LEED professionals: 

  1. LEED Green Associate
  2. LEED AP with specialty

The LEED Green Associate credential is your gateway to green. We created it for everyone, and there are no prerequisites to take the exam. So if you want to be a LEED professional, but don't have any green building experience, don't let that hold you back. The LEED Green Associate is perfect for you!

The LEED AP with specialty is a step up from the LEED Green Associate, and it's intended for professionals with significant LEED project experience. Are you a member of the green building industry or have you worked on a LEED project? If so, you should consider becoming a LEED AP to show your specialized expertise. Please note, prior to June 15, 2014, project experience was a prerequisite to take the exam. However, now, LEED project experience competency is assessed within the exam, and the requirement to submit proof of project experience no longer applies. 

Learn more about how to get started

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Director of Sustainability @ GBRI, Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
The requirement to submit proof of project experience no longer applies but LEED project experience competency is assessed within the exam. if you are looking for an Exam Prep that addresses LEED Project Experience as well - here is one -
Hi Nora This is first time for me here, and i donnt know how can be become indivisual member in USGBC although i tryed many times but always ask me about the charter even i am living in jordan. Thanks alot
Green Building Specialist, U.S. Green Building Council
We don't offer individual national memberships at this time. However, if you are very interested in membership, an organizational membership has a very approachable price point ($300 - You may also be interested in the Jordan GBC (

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