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Top 10 countries for LEED

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LEED projects can be found in over 140 countries and territories around the world and on six out of seven continents — there are no LEED projects in Antarctica, but you never know what the future holds.

To provide a better view of LEED’s impact globally, we’ve ranked the top 10 countries for LEED outside of the U.S.. Looking at the gross square meters of certified space around the globe, we came up with the list below.

What’s changed over the last year?

Canada, China and India have always led the way for LEED projects and in the last year they certified a combined total of 13 million gross square meters.

The top ten countries together, represent 61 million gross square meters of LEED-certified space. That’s an increase of 41% from last year. 

Brazil, which ranks seventh for LEED-certified gross square meters of space and fourth for LEED-certified projects, recently certified two stadiums in preparation for the 2014 World Cup games. They have the largest number of certified stadiums and the only platinum certified stadiums outside the U.S.

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Selina Holmes

Director, Marketing U.S. Green Building Council

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Architect, ProBeavers Associate
Wow! I am determined to put Nigeria in this list in the nearest future. So help me God. Kudos to you for a job well done. Kind regards.
HVAC Design Manager, ELMACS co llc
Congratulation UAE , Soon No.1
Senior Executive, SGS SA
Thanks Ms. Selina for the wonderful report. All developing nation doing great in following & implementing true Sustainability. For new building its exceed the performance. But for existing building and more than 3 year back certified building, we still need lots of awareness and periodical M&V to really make a remarkable impact. And surly in future this will be done also !! thanks again !!
Chief Executive, Sigma Solutions
It is heartening to note that India is in the 'leader' board. Concur with Nandana Dilip Kumar's view that the "hands" of mother India seems to have been chopped off from the map. We request a correction please.
Senior Manager, LEAD Consultancy & Engg Services Ltd
Hi Selina, The statistics given is very informative and good to know that my country India is in top 3 and hoping lead further. Also would like to bring to your notice that part of north & north eastern states are missing in the Indian Map indicated in the above list of certified projects. Do note that these states are very much part of our country and not categorized under any no disputed territories. It would really good if this can be rectified in the website, as this is being viewed around 140 countries.
Director, Marketing, U.S. Green Building Council
Thanks so much for the information - we'll have an update shortly.
Architect, Universidad de Buenos Aires
Do you think would it be possible to work and have a internship in Canada as an architect form Argentine with experience in waste treatment and beinh LEED GA and LEED AP?
Director, Marketing, U.S. Green Building Council
HI Victoria, Have you connected with anyone at the Canada Green Building Council? That would be a great place to start !
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