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Translating Ideas in to Action: Fifth Public Comment for LEED v4 Launches

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A colleague recently remarked, “In the last ten years, who has changed the most? Look at textiles, automobiles – none has changed as much as the building industry! You can see the influence of LEED in every major market in the world.” I couldn’t agree with her more.

Documents that reflect a shared vision have sometimes changed the course of history. Usually the document with the greatest impact was influenced by many individuals, from drafters of initial texts to translators and interpreters of national constitutions.

LEED is such a document. LEED represents ideas translated into action. Action is ultimately what matters, but the document guides and helps us know where we are going and what we can collectively do to build a better world. Today, when more than 10% of commercial construction in the U.S. is certified to LEED, and international growth of the rating system continues significantly, LEED enables best practice to be shared and benchmarked around the globe.
One of the essential elements of a document that guides action to improve the built environment is that it too must improve. LEED cannot seek to address major environmental, economic and social issues without constantly moving forward and, in the process, improving itself.

After 21,500 comments have been written, received and responded to, and after tens of thousands of hours of volunteer engagement with challenging issues which have been resolved into credit language, we release the fifth public comment of LEED v4. This document is an essential step toward transformation of the building market.

Thank you for your dedication to improvement and action.

Please comment; I can’t wait to hear what you have to say.

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Scot Horst

Chief Product Officer U.S. Green Building Council

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