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Breaking news: On Wednesday, Sept. 11, the Chicago City Council passed the Energy Use Benchmarking and Disclosure Ordinance introduced by Mayor Rahm Emanuel.

The new ordinance will provide another opportunity for Chicago building owners and tenants to learn about their energy use and work together to lower their costs. In addition, the ordinance sets a strong precedent that will help promote energy benchmarking and energy efficiency measures elsewhere in Illinois.

With the ordinance now law, USGBC-Illinois will be working with other leading energy, environmental and real estate organizations to provide the education, outreach and training programs necessary to support energy benchmarking and verification efforts for building owners, managers and tenants.

Passage came only after the hard work of USGBC-Illinois volunteers and staff members working together with the mayor’s office and more than 80 other organizational supporters. The USGBC-Illinois Chapter members and partners look forward to working with the city of Chicago and the mayor’s office to further the goal of increasing the efficiency of every building in Chicago.

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Executive Director, USGBC - Minnesota Chapter
Congratulations USGBC-IL. Great work Katie and all of the volunteers!
Executive Director, USGBC Illinois Chapter
Thanks to Katie and the great chapter volunteers for making my first week at USGBC-Illinois so exciting.
Sustainability Manager, Development Associate, AMLI Residential
There are a lot of great people in this picture. Way to go USGBC IL!
Director, Technical Policy, U.S. Green Building Council
Great work, Katie, and thanks for writing this. Thanks for all your facilitation and the hard work of the USGBC-Illinois gang!

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