USGBC Issues Statement in Response to USA Today Piece | U.S. Green Building Council
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Statement from Rick Fedrizzi, President, CEO & Founding Chair

“By embracing free enterprise and using market-based approaches we have proven that a healthy environment and a strong economy can go hand and hand. The U.S. Green Building Council is moving the green building industry forward in a way that has never been seen before. Yes, green growth is fueling an entire industry and we are proud of that progress.

Through LEED and USGBC’s other programs, our members are driving the construction industry’s green transformation. LEED buildings save energy, water and precious resources, reduce waste and carbon emissions, create jobs, save money, drive innovation and provide healthier, more comfortable spaces to live, work and learn.

The building products, materials, systems and services that are developed in the marketplace and utilized in LEED buildings are successful because they are created with environmental stewardship goals in mind. We are encouraged when companies develop products and services that support better buildings and communities. If they succeed, we all succeed because the construction is greener and more sustainable.

“The adage ‘doing well by doing good’ is the foundation on which USGBC was built.

Members join USGBC to be part of the process, share what they know and collaborate with others to help us raise the bar and broaden our positive impact. We are proud that LEED reflects the collective expertise and design intelligence of the tens of thousands of environmental advocates and building industry professionals who have helped to create it.”

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Owner/ Consultant, J.D.Greer Consulting, LLC

Good Job Wes in calling for TRANSPARENCY!

Director of Codes Technical Development, U.S. Green Building Council

I wonder about the motivation of such an attack on LEED/USGBC at the current time; right before an election, right before the biggest green building event on the planet ever (Greenbuild), and right before LEED v4 ratchets-up standards for US and the world. Instead of attacking LEED, USA Today should have focused instead on looking in the mirror. Gannett Media (owners of USA Today) have an Environmental Policy Statement that claims a goal of "Operation of our facilities in an environmentally sound manner." I say, 'prove it.' Want a rating system or benchmarking standard in order to show your performance? LEED's got one (called EBOM). Want to track performance over time with third party review? Try Energy Star or LEED's Building Performance Partnership. Want to share you successes and failures with the world? Try the Green Building Information Gateway. These tools are cost effective, innovative, and distinguish the LEED system from unsubstantiated lofty corporate claims of grandeur. And Gannett also has a commitment to being "Energy Smart." In fact, Gannett has apparently achieved some success here in terms of energy and waste minimization. Great! Good on'ya. But again: prove it. Where's the Corporate Sustainability Report? Where's the data, the backup? Instead of attacking yesterday's LEED system shortcomings (bike racks) and faulty incentive policies in NV, how about showing some journalistic and corporate leadership. Oh, that's right - newspapers need to find a way to sell ads these days (not facts), and hype gets higher profits than truth.
But don't take my word for it:

The media in this country has a conflicting bias -- they want every American to have a job and make money, but they don’t like it when corporations or their leaders make “too much” money. At least that’s how I read it. If USGBC partner companies from the construction industry don’t make the investments to produce a better/safer product, where’s it going to come from? Gov’t regulation? When has that been effective? The fact that LEED is such a success is because the private sector wants to get the rating … no one is mandating they do it. Yes more can be done and products can be further improved, but isn’t that the whole idea? Look at where things were 20 yrs ago vs today -- I didn’t see an argument that buildings aren’t healthier than they used to be. Because there isn’t one!! It’s good USA Today brings this to “light,” because it gives you a bigger platform from which to make a stronger statement.

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