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USGBC membership says YES to LEED v4

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We're excited that LEED v4 has passed ballot! Are you?
We're excited that LEED v4 has passed ballot! Are you?

The newest version of the LEED green building rating system closes ballot and moves toward an official market launch at Greenbuild.

I am pleased to announce that the final results of the LEED v4 ballot are in. To pass, the rating systems needed 66.7% of the vote to be in favor of the new system. With a final tally of 86%, we met our goal and more! This includes:

  • 90% approval from those in the user category
  • 77% approval from those in the general interest category
  • 89% approval from those in the producer category

USGBC sets a very high bar for a rating system to be approved. The rating system must earn a very high percentage of the overallvote as well as a majority approval from each of the various LEED stakeholder groups. This ensures rating system approval represents the full diversity of USGBCs membership. There are 46 countries and territories around the world and all 50 U.S. states (and the District of Columbia) represented in the voting pool for LEED v4, which includes an extraordinarily diverse group of industry professionals, manufacturers, educators and other green building leaders.

Whats next on the horizon? The LEED Steering Committee has reviewed all comments received during the ballot and we are ready to move forward with a full-scale launch at this years Greenbuild Conference & Expo in Philadelphia, PA. There, USGBC will host sessions geared towards making sure stakeholders have the information they need to begin using the new system, including an introduction to the new, streamlined forms.  The new reference guide suite will also be available.   

Currently, there are more 100 projects pursuing certification through the LEED v4 Beta program. With projects currently in the review phase, somewill certify as early as this summer.

Enrollment for the Beta program is still open. View the LEED v4 User Guide for enrollment details.

There is still work to be done as we prepare for a successful launch, and USGBC staff and volunteers are committed to working with our stakeholders to make sure this happens.

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Sustainability Team Leader, Opsis Architecture

An earlier tweet from USGBC on May 22 said "Expect beta exams by early '14." The exams that are being launched at Greenbuild - are these beta testing? My understanding is that the Reference Guides won't be available until Greenbuild, so one couldn't really begin to study until those are available. Also, are current LEED AP +Specialties eligible to help beta test the exams? Thanks-

Project Coordinator, Polk County Public Schools

Ms. Macken: This comment is in regards to the exams for LEED AP with Specialty and your comment to Mr. Blachman. It seems to me that what you're saying is similar to the way LEED 2009 was intergrated into the exams. I was told that as long as you're signed up to take LEED AP BD+C, LEED 2009 that you'll be allowed to take that exam instead of v4. My question, given what you're saying, is that we'll atleast have the rest of this 2013 year and 2014 year to seat for the for the LEED 2009 exam instead of v4? Thanks.

Director of Programs, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Pro Reviewer

Hi Peggy - you will at least have the remainder of 2013 and Q1 of 2014 to sit for the current exam. We have not determined a cut off date for the current version of the exam.

Graduate Student, Western Michigan University

Hi, When is the LEED v4 Educational material going to be available?

I want to get certified but I'd rather wait for the updated test and material than going for LEED v3.

Franklin International

You say you are launching the program at Greenbuild. Does this mean the new criteria for the varuious credits takes effect on that day, or is there another effective date?

Director of Programs, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Pro Reviewer

Hi Zach -

By launch we mean that the program will be available for registration. Projects will still have the option to register for LEED 2009 until June 1, 2015.

Mechanical Engineer
I see that this post was almost 8 months ago. Is June 1, 2015 still the deadline for registering for LEED 2009?
Architect LEED Green Associate, 3N CONSTRUCTORES S.A. DE C.V.

Will the LEED credential be changed? or, if I get acredited this year, will it work in the future?

Director of Programs, Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council
Pro Reviewer

Hi Claudio -

Yes, it will, and we expect that our professionals will continue to maintain their credential as they currently do. We will be launching updated exams at Greenbuild, and offer them alongside the current version of the exams. We are not launching a new credential, however, we are simply updating the exams.


When you post:and offer them alongside the current version of the exams. does it means the new exam and old exam will both exist? in China,LEED GA just updated last year, will change this time? and LEED AP in China will also change to chinese language?


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