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Video: Kimberly-Clark Professional's LEED Platinum plaque ceremony

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If you've heard of Kleenex, you're familiar with Kimberly-Clark: the Platinum-level USGBC member company behind many mainstream personal care products, from Huggies to Cottonelle. Kimberly-Clark Professional focuses on products for exceptional workplaces, including their own.

Recently, we celebrated their achievement of LEED Platinum for their Building 100 office, an existing building here in Roswell, Georgia. 

"LEED certification to us is really about validating what we believed all along around sustainability and its role for our employees and for our customers," said Elane Stock, Group President of Kimberly-Clark Professional.

"There's a big commitment to water efficiencies," said Michael Alexander, Sustainability Project Manager at Cassidy Turley. "All of the plumbing fixtures in the building have been retrofitted to be beyond the Universal Plumbing Code. They collect a lot of storm water, all of the storm water from the entire site, not only this building but the other buildings on this campus, drain into a lake. They reuse that storm water onsite for irrigation."

"I think my favorite feature of the building is just its open concept: the natural light that goes through the entire facility, enabling a lot of really great open workspaces for folks to collaborate and meet informally," said Lisa Morden, Senior Director of Global Sustainability at Kimberly-Clark. 

"It's been so exciting to see how they've really embraced it," said Stock, speaking about KC employees in the newly LEED-certified space. "It's changed how they think about our company, changed how they think about their jobs, changed their ways of interacting with each other - in a way that makes it seem like a much more exciting and energetic place to come."

"I hear they are actually fighting to get into this building because the other buildings are yet to be renovated so far," said Alexander. "Overall this is a great project. I'm very excited about it."

"It makes me feel proud," said Roswell, Georgia Mayor Jere Wood. "As mayors, we love to brag about our cities and the fact that you're one of three properties in the state to achieve this work gives me something else to brag about and be proud about."

"We've got a high bar to hit now with other operating facilities and buildings," said Morden. "I have a feeling we will be looking at strategies that incorporate LEED more frequently and it will be a discussion point for us in the future in a very active way."

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