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Posted in LEED

The LEED v4 Ballot is officially open! Vote now and make your voice heard. 

How do you vote?

If you joined the consensus body (registered to vote) in April and you’re employed by a USGBC national member who has remained in good standing, you’ll receive an email with instructions and a direct link to our voting page. There you’ll be able to cast your ballot on the newest update to the LEED rating systems through the month of June.

Has it been a while since you’ve looked at the drafts? Don’t worry, the language is still in the credit library and available for you to review.

What is LEED v4?

LEED follows a continuous improvement cycle to spur innovation and expand its reach across market sectors and geographic boundaries. LEED v4 is a vital step in this evolution, involving significant market engagement with thousands of global stakeholders. Learn more about v4 »

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Kuwait Technical Consulting Bureau, Kuwait Technical Consulting Bureau
I am on to vote for Sustainable Designer. But could not find a link to vote.
Transition Manager P3, Johnson Controls

Is the balloting process supported by Chrome? I received an error message after voting and I can not tell if my vote counted.

Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Kim, your vote went through, sorry for any confusion. The voting should work fine on chrome.

Sustainability Consultant, Steven Winter Associates, Inc

I had originally registered to vote for "LEED 2012" and had received email notification that my registration would still stand for this year's round of voting. But i have not received any emails with information, nor have any of my colleagues. My firm is in good financial standing with the USGBC and we want to vote! Help!

Technical Director, LEED, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Sarah, we did have a previous opt in period, we'll follow up with you by email to discuss.

Plumbing Contractors of America

So if we didn't register to be in the consensus body in April, we cannot vote on the ballot? Is this how LEED is considered "consensus-based"?

Director, Marketing, USGBC

Hi Sean - Thanks for your question. The vote is open to all employees of USGBC national members whose membership has remained in good standing. We ask that people who wish to vote register in advance so we can make sure the voting body is a balanced representation of the full USGBC membership. Consensus doesn't just refer to balloting, but the development process as well. Throughout, we've invited the public to review and comment on drafts of LEED v4 and have received amazing feedback. So from development through the ballot, consensus has been an integral part of the process. Want to know more? Check out the Foundations of LEED document for detailed information on new version development and balloting procedures.

please send the link again to vote, thanks

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