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Published on 17 Feb 2015 Written by Lorraine Alexander Posted in Community

Leadership. Too often, we shy away from the word leadership. The word conjures up images of an unreachable status. So how do we develop leadership skills?

There is no application process, no rite of passage, no magic button to apply. It's a way of being. Leadership begins within.


Published on 17 Feb 2015 Written by Joseph Crea Posted in International

Felipe Faria, managing director of Green Building Council Brasil, has been involved in promoting LEED in Brazil since 2007. One of his main accomplishments has been making Brazil one of the top five markets in the world for LEED as well as influencing the greening of international sporting...

Published on 17 Feb 2015 Written by Nora Knox Posted in LEED

What is LEED ID+C?

As humans, we spend 90% of our time indoors. That time should be spent in spaces that allow us to breathe easy, give us views of nature and daylight, and make us healthier and more productive.

LEED for Interior Design and Construction (LEED ID+C) enables...

Published on 16 Feb 2015 Written by Nora Knox Posted in LEED

In honor of Presidents' Day, we'd like to celebrate two presidents who have championed the environment through building LEED-certified presidential centers and libraries.

Through their commitment to conservation and sustainability, President Bill Clinton and President George...

Published on 13 Feb 2015 Written by Nora Knox Posted in Community

At USGBC we love our planet and our people, our wallets and our buildings, but most of all we love LEED—because LEED is the triple bottom line in action, benefiting planet, people and profit.


Published on 13 Feb 2015 Written by Melanie Share Posted in Education

Education @USGBC is your go-to place for sustainability and green building education.

Ready to take your knowledge to the next level?

Check out the preview below of this month's featured course, ...

Published on 12 Feb 2015 Written by Christopher Gray Posted in LEED

2014’s Top 10 States have shown tremendous leadership in the green building movement by certifying 1,662 commercial and institutional projects representing 251.7 million square feet of real estate. These buildings will have a...

Published on 12 Feb 2015 Written by Selina Holmes Posted in LEED

In talking to the green building community about LEED v4, the questions we get generally fall into three categories. 

  1. Why did we make the changes?
  2. What do we hope to accomplish?
  3. How does the new language differ from LEED 2009?

Enter the...

Published on 12 Feb 2015 Written by Sarah Buente Posted in LEED

From green roofs, to natural light and landscaped courtyards, green building practices are offering our nation's homeless beacons of hope even in the bleakest of situations. Shelters are turning towards energy-efficiency and sustainability measures as a new solution to improving lives and the...

Published on 11 Feb 2015 Written by Emma Hughes Posted in LEED

USGBC is now accepting applications for the LEED Social Equity Working Group of the LEED Steering Committee; applications will be accepted through March 10, 2015. Applicants must be an employee of...

Published on 11 Feb 2015 Written by Rick Fedrizzi Posted in Community

Buildings are witness to so many of the most important moments in our lives. They create the space and form the backdrop for our weddings and funerals, business launches and late-night-billion-dollar-back-of-the-envelope work sessions, our first day of kindergarten and the graduation ceremony....

Published on 11 Feb 2015 Written by Jeremy Sigmon Posted in LEED

This article was originally published on the Green Building Information Gateway on Feb. 9, 2015. Read the original article.

Of the 39 buildings that...

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