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USGBC Iowa seeks to create a positive impact on the region's built environment by accelerating the adoption of green building practices, technologies, policies, and standards. We endeavor to move the green building industry forward with education, awareness, advocacy, and market-based solutions.

Since 2004, USGBC Iowa has been building a strong local base of individuals and companies that support sustainability, energy efficiency, and water conservation, using LEED as a measure of success. We provide education and action and welcome all who want to make a difference in our environment!


In Community 11.2.2015

Call for nominations for USGBC Iowa 2016-2017 Market Leadership Advisory Board

Support the health, efficiency and vibrancy of our community! USGBC Iowa is pleased to announce a call for nominations for open volunteer seats to lead the organization as part of its 2016-2017 Market Leadership Advisory Board.

USGBC and its community are changing the way buildings and communities are designed, built and operated. USGBC Iowa serves the grassroots efforts of volunteers all over the state. As a recently integrated local market of USGBC, programming will also be coordinated regionally with neighboring states. 

Apply to join the Market Leadership Advisory Board

Market Leadership Advisory Board

The USGBC Iowa Market Leadership Advisory Board is intended to represent a diverse group of locally based leaders who advise on strategic and tactical activities implemented as part of USGBC’s global work plan. This leadership group works collaboratively within a larger network of Market Leadership Advisory Boards to develop and implement integrative, consistent and effective local work plans in all markets. This structure further reports local metrics that contribute to the global success of the USGBC community. 

The USGBC Iowa Market Leadership Advisory Board will serve as the primary local volunteer leadership voice for USGBC, with the following objectives:

  • Market Analysis: Identify local market trends, power players, initiatives, priorities and other factors that relate to USGBC’s strategic goals and conduct a "power map" of local leaders who are critical to the success of USGBC locally, to determine their level of support and influence.
  • Strategy and Annual Work Planning: Develop, evaluate and revise three-year strategy and annual work plan within the context of USGBC’s strategy that is informed by the market analysis. This includes drafting an annual budget and managing oversight of expenses.
  • Market Development: Maintain quarterly report of real estate market opportunities (i.e., development announcements, permits, etc.) for business development team, status of LEED projects and calendar of LEED plaque presentations.
  • Member, Volunteer and Partner Engagement: Establish, support, and evaluate activities for members, partners and volunteers (groups and individuals) on an annual basis that support outreach, education, advocacy, community/relationship building and grassroots activities through the annual work plan. Cultivate leadership and manage structure for engagement among these individuals to serve locally. Ensure the implementation of a meaningful volunteer recognition program.
  • Celebration of Leadership: Guide the development of an annual report and public activities that celebrate local success in LEED and sustainability. Annual report data should focus externally and also be a guide to inform the local strategy and work of USGBC.
  • Fundraising and Support: Work to support local budget through fundraising and sponsorship in conjunction with local staff.

Membership roles

Up to 15 individual community leaders representing the public, private and nonprofit sectors will comprise our advisory group. We desire a balance in the board to reflect diversity in profession, perspective, demographics and physical location within Iowa. For the 2016-2017 election, we are hoping to fill several seats, so please consider and respond if interested.

Desired roles:

  • Local government leader (i.e., elected official, codes and zoning)
  • Building design and construction professionals engaged with respective professional organizations (i.e., AIA, ASHRAE, AEE, ASID, ASLA, IIDA, etc.)
  • Building operations and maintenance professionals (i.e., BOMA, IFMA, CCFM)
  • Allied community organization (i.e., sustainability, environment)
  • Nontraditional community organization (i.e., school district, community service, faith-based, cultural, social justice, youth development)
  • Higher education academics and research (college and university)
  • Regional business leader (i.e. banking, manufacturing, healthcare)
  • Commercial real estate professional (i.e., developer, financier, legal, market analyst)
  • Community, economic and affordable housing (government or nonprofit)
  • Public relations, media and advertising
  • Regional organization (i.e., sports & exhibition authority, regional health provider, Chamber of Commerce)

Board terms and expectations

Terms are for two years and begin January 1, 2016. Successful candidates will be expected to attend an orientation meeting with fellow board members in December 2015. The group will meet on at least a quarterly basis, and the schedule will be set at the first board meeting to maximize availability of all members. The monthly time commitment is approximately 10–12 hours. Members do not receive compensation for service.

Nomination criteria

  • Must be an individual member of USGBC Iowa in good standing
  • Must be willing to commit 10-12 hours a month in service of objectives above
  • Must be willing to fundraise and work toward positive financial performance
  • Ideal candidates have previous nonprofit leadership experience, and are passionate about the sustainable built environment and its impact on the local community

If you would like to be considered for a position on the USGBC Iowa Market Leadership Advisory Board, please submit an application form by 11:59 p.m. EST on Nov. 12, 2015. A Nominating Committee will review all applications and assemble a slate of qualified candidates for election by chapter members in November. If you have questions about the being on the board or about the nomination process, please contact Scott Bowman. We look forward to your participation!

Apply to join the Market Leadership Advisory Board

In Community 10.23.2015

USGBC Iowa annual meeting: "Come together, right now, in design"

On Oct. 29, 2015, USGBC Iowa will be holding their annual meeting and social, for which I am currently the Board Chair. At this event, we will offer a short recap of the year, with a focus on our integration journey with USGBC as a chapter, plus an educational presentation, "Come Together, Right Now, In Design." (Yes, the title is a bad reference to a great Beatles song, but I always like to have a whimsical title for my presentations.) The subtitle is “The Integrated Design Process—Path to Durable Change.” 

It has been my pleasure to work with many design teams that have used a process like this over the years, perhaps just calling it "collaboration," or "working together." Now we term it "integrated," and we need much more of it.

For the integrated design process to work, you need architecture, engineering and everyone else on the design team to collaborate in a way that has not been in the traditional delivery model. Those roles need to be replaced with more flexible and dynamic relationships that maintain discipline requirements and duties, while at the same time allowing for a deeper level of listening and understanding.

LEED v4 is a significant advance in this premier sustainability standard. The advancement of the energy standard alone raises the bar of the updated standard, but coupled with the deep changes in all other areas, the ability to reach high levels of performance and certification will require deep collaboration of all design team members.

During my new workshop, the concept of the integrated design process will be discussed in detail, giving participants specific tools to help the process. Activities will reinforce the concepts and demonstrate how these techniques can be used in participants' own projects. Key concepts of communication, discovery and documentation will be described for each part of the process, with a focus on early project engagement to reach high levels of performance. Among the specific activities and documents to be covered are sustainable charrette, owners' project requirements, LEED planning, basis of design and more.

Adults learn best by doing, and this session will be all about doing. But even though we are adults, and working with a serious topic, LEGOS will be involved—because at times, we all just need some serious fun.

Register for the annual meeting