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Chapter Steering Committee

Chapter Steering Committee Description

The Chapter Steering Committee (CSC) is an integrated group of chapter community leaders that is charged with providing USGBC with relevant expertise, stakeholder perspectives, market intelligence, best practices, lessons learned, innovation and vision to strengthen and empower USGBC’s chapter community. The Chapter Steering Committee provides the perspective and experience of the active chapter community leadership to the work of the Council and its Board in achieving the USGBC’s strategic goals and objectives.

Seeking New Committee Members

In 2012, the CSC completed its transition to a new charter by including eight Committee seats from the Regional Committees, one from the Emerging Professionals National Committee, and eight Chapter Community Seats. The Chapter Community seats will include three chapter staff members from chapters and five chapter leader perspectives.

In 2013, the CSC:

  • Provided feedback and engaged in focus groups to review and distribute over $1.7 million in the Chapter Community.
  • Provided feedback and engaged in focus groups to review conceptual ideas for an integrated membership.
  • Created the Chapter Program Profile Library on Yammer. This library shares successful chapter programs so that other chapters can replicate them in their community. Profiles, and corresponding attachments, serve as resources to chapter leaders.
  • Engaged in outreach calls intended to support chapters and individual chapter leaders.
  • Proposed, and subsequently adopted by the USGBC Board of Directors, a change to the USGBC Chapter Membership Policy to provide a discount to Emerging Professionals.
  • Reviewed and analyzed findings of the Chapters Annual Report.
  • Continually looking to develop ways to activate the Chapter Network.


Regular employee of a USGBC chapter, or chapter leader volunteer employed by a national member company.

Selection Criteria for Chapter Steering Committee Members

The USGBC Chapter Steering Committee has one vacancy. Nominees are being sought to fulfill this position. Candidates will fill the following positions based on their perspective in the Chapter community:

Medium Sized Chapter Staff1

One (1) staff member from a ‘medium sized chapter’ (2 year term). A ‘medium sized chapter’ is defined as having membership from 201 - 800, budget of $200,001 - $500,000, and 2 – 3 staff.


  • Terms: see above.
  • Once a month: 3 to 4 hours to prepare for and attend a monthly CSC call
  • Once a month: 2 to 4 hours a month to attend CSC working group calls.
  • Once a month: 2 to 4 hours to engage with the chapter network through outreach calls, the CSC Open Call, Yammer, and email.
  • Once a month: Working group obligations.
  • Twice a year: Two-day face-to-face meetings of the full CSC to develop work plans, etcetera, for the following year, plus travel time.
  • Provide continual expertise and perspective, both within the CSC and in, potentially, other groups, relevant to their seat.
  • If a Chapter Board nominates a staff member to participate, they should consider whether this person will be serving as a volunteer on her/his own unpaid time or will be paid by the Chapter for the time she/he spends on the Regional Committee or Chapter Steering Committee.

Appointment Process

  • Expressions of interest and qualifications are collected for review by the Chapter Steering Committee.
  • The recommended appointment slate is reviewed by the USGBC Executive Committee for compliance with USGBC Policies & Procedures for Committees & Working Groups.
  • New CSC members will receive orientation before their official start date.

How to Submit an Expression of Interest with USGBC Staff of Chapters and Perspective Seats

Submit completed expression of interest. Please refer any questions to Colin White, [email protected], All nomination will be acknowledged within one business day of submittal. If you do not receive a confirmation, it was not successfully delivered. Incomplete and/or late submissions will not be considered.

Open Seats

One seat for the medium chapter staff is open for installment. The Chapter staff seat shall be selected from among nominations of regular chapter employees solicited from the chapter community through the committees of the CSC and chapter boards, and are representative of the medium size chapters as defined by the CSC. Individuals are recommended by the CSC and appointed by the USGBC Board’s Executive Committee.