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BSP 732 Buildings, Solar Radiation, and Sustainable Roof Systems

Format On Demand: Online
Offered by CertainTeed Corporation




United States
Category Energy and atmosphere

This course is about four different roof-top systems that respond to the challenge of sustainably addressing solar radiation. It beg ins by describing ways the solar radiation typically affects buildings, and some of the effects this has on their environments. It a lso reviews three metrics used to describe rooftop performance, the key one being the solar reflectance index (SRI), and exp


  • Describe two functional consequences of a building being a solar radiation absorber, and two broad sustainable design strategies that address solar radiation.

  • Describe what the solar reflectance index (SRI) measures, and why it is significant in gauging the sustainability of a roof.
  • Describe what a cool roof is and list some of its benefits.
  • Describe how three important environmental sustainability programs specify acceptable cool roof performance.
  • Describe the two types of green roofing systems, and some of the considerations that inform the green roof design process.
  • Describe how solar thermal systems work, and some of the best practices that guide their design and installation.
  • Explain how PV systems generate electricity, and some of the basics of electrical systems.
  • Describe factors that affect the amount andavailability of solar radiation for generating electricity.
  • State the credits and criteria used by LEED for points available for each of the four systems described in the course.
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CE Hours 1.0
AIA/CES (LU) 1.0
CSI (CEU) 1.0