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BSP719-Spray POLYURETHANE Foam for Building Insulation

Format LIVE: Facilitator-led
Offered by CertainTeed Corporation





Valley Forge, PA 19482
United States
Category Indoor environmental quality

This course provides an overview of SPF, beginning with its composition and how it's applied, as well as reviewing its multiple role s in the building envelope. The key to any material is how it works, and the course reviews some of its many applications in bo th re sidential and commercial projects. Case studies in both areas enable the cost and energy efficiency performances of SPF in v arious k inds of projects in different parts of the country to be compared. Such a versatile and effective material can help a LEE D projectw ith credits in many direct and indirect ways; we focus on three key areas:Energy and AtmosphereInd oor Environmental Qu alityMaterials and Resources


  • Describe some of the many applications of polyurethanes and some of the key historical developments that led to spray polyurethane foam (SPF). 
  • Describe some of the properties that distinguish SPF insulation from other kinds of thermal insulation materials. 
  • Describe SPF as a two component system, and how its spray application and resulting cellular structureare essential to its function.
    Describe three key roles of SPF in the building envelope. 
  • Describe some of the major kinds of applications of SPF in both residential and commercial projects. 
  • Compare energy and cost savings for both residential and commercial projects using SPF in different US locations. 
  • Describe how SPF helps LEED projects earn specific credits in each of these categories. 
    • Energy and Atmosphere 
    • Indoor Environmental Quality 
    • Materials and Resources
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CE Hours 1.0
AIA/CES (LU) 1.0
CSI (CEU) 1.0