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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v4 - LEED v4

Ongoing commissioning

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EA Credit: Ongoing Commissioning

  • Remember that EAc Existing Building Commissioning - Analysis and EAc Existing Building Commissioning – Implementation must be attempted and earned to earn this credit.
  • To satisfy the credit requirements, an ongoing commissioning cycle frequency of no more than 24 months is required. In addition, note that ongoing commissioning activities must occur at least quarterly for the first year.
  • Remember that preventive maintenance and commissioning are two separate activities. Performing preventive maintenance on all equipment is a requirement of EAp Energy Efficiency Best Management Practices and does not meet the intent of this credit.
  • The ongoing commissioning program must define measurement requirements (meters, points, metering systems, data access), the points to be tracked, with frequency and duration for trend monitoring, and the limits of acceptable values for tracked points and metered values. Functional performance testing includes device checks, sensor checks, functional or operational testing, alarm testing, point trending, and metering.
  • Ensure that all direct energy-consuming and energy-producing systems, including, but not limited to, lighting, process loads, HVAC&R, domestic water heating, and renewable energy systems are included in the ongoing commissioning process.
  • Ensure that the ongoing commissioning plan includes all required elements of ongoing commissioning (as opposed to retro-commissioning). Remember that ongoing commissioning is generally undertaken after a full retro-commissioning has been completed. The Step-by-Step Guidance section of this credit in the LEED O+M v4 Reference Guide provides details on what must be included as part of the ongoing commissioning process.
  • All activities and tasks implemented as part of the ongoing commissioning process must be tracked, and a table or similar documentation listing these must be provided. Only activities and tasks completed within 24 months of the LEED application should be included.

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