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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v4 - LEED v4

Facility maintenance and renovation policy


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MR Prerequisite: Facility Maintenance and Renovation Policy

  • In the policy, include a physical and programmatic scope, duration of applicability, responsible parties, sustainability goals and objectives, performance metrics, procedures and strategies for implementation, and a quality assurance process, as required by the Getting Started section of the LEED O+M v4 Reference Guide, under Effective Policy Development.
  • Be sure to clearly distinguish routine maintenance from renovations in the policy, as required within Step 2 in the Step-by-Step Guidance section of this prerequisite in the LEED O+M v4 Reference Guide.
  • Ensure that the facility maintenance and renovation policy addresses furniture disposal.
  • Be sure that the policy includes quantitative goals and performance metrics for each aspect of the policy. As an example, a goal could be set for a specific percentage of each waste category to be diverted (by weight or volume).
  • Be sure that the policy specifies an individual or team who is accountable for the implementation of the policy. At a minimum, include the name of the individual(s) or job title(s) responsible for overseeing the policy.
  • Be sure to address safe storage and recycling and diversion of waste associated with facility maintenance activities. Ensure that the policy includes a goal and performance metric for the diversion of this waste type.
  • Ensure that the policy includes requirements for each renovation project to establish waste diversion goals, target five materials for diversion, approximate the volume of waste anticipated, and identify waste diversion strategies to be used.
  • Be sure that the indoor air quality (IAQ) management policy includes all elements listed in the LEED O+M v4 Reference Guide.
  • Ensure that the policy includes provisions to develop a plan to determine whether a flush-out or air quality testing is needed after construction ends and all interior finishes are installed, but before occupancy.
  • A sample policy template is available from the Resources tab of this prerequisite in the LEED Credit Library (http://www.usgbc.org/resources/mrp-facility-maintenance-and-renovation-p...) and may be helpful as a reference. If using this template, ensure that it is tailored as appropriate to reflect the circumstances of operations in the project building.