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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v4 - LEED v4

Green cleaning - custodial effectiveness assessment

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EQ Credit: Green Cleaning – Custodial Effectiveness Assessment

  • Be sure that the audit report addresses the requirements outlined in Step 2 of the Step-by-Step Guidance section of this credit in the LEED O+M v4 Reference Guide.
  • Ensure that the total area included in the audit is consistent with the total gross floor area of the project building identified in LEED Online and throughout the submittal. As spaces that are not cleaned are required to be included in the audit, some differences in square footage are acceptable, but large differences must be explained.
  • Ensure that at least 10% of the cleanable area of the building is audited, as well as at least 10% of the number of rooms of each space type. At least five rooms must be audited for each space type (unless there are fewer than five rooms, in which case all rooms should be audited.)
  • Appendix B in the LEED O+M v4 Reference Guide can help teams categorize space based on the 33 types of applicable space types that have been identified by APPA guidelines. When compiling the APPA forms, similar spaces maybe grouped to reduce the number of forms needed. Ensure that closed, private offices and open offices are not grouped together and are individually identified. Mechanical rooms and parking garages do not need to be audited. If the building contains space types not listed in Appendix B, select the closest category.
  • Remember that each audited room must be examined in its entirety.
  • Remember that an APPA score of 1 represents the highest level of cleanliness while a score of 5 reflects the most unkempt level of cleanliness.
  • Ensure that the form narrative confirms that the strategies in the facility’s green cleaning policy are being implemented, and describes how the cleaning staff performs routine and monitoring inspections.
  • Ensure that the form narrative also describes opportunities identified for custodial effectiveness improvements where needed.
  • The APPA audit can be conducted by a third party individual or by two individuals associated with the building management team. When using a third party to conduct the audit, ensure that the individual's professional experience validates their in-depth custodial knowledge. If using two individuals to conduct the audit, ensure that they are trained on APPA auditing procedures.

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