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LEED O+M: Existing Buildings | v4 - LEED v4

Indoor water use reduction

Possible 5 points


To reduce indoor water consumption.


Option 1. Calculated water use (1–5 points except Data Centers, 1–4 points Data Centers)



Have fixtures that use less water than the baseline calculated in WE Prerequisite Indoor Water-Use Reduction. Points are awarded according to Table 1.

Table 1. Points for reducing calculated water use beyond the prerequisite level.

Additional percentage reduction Points (except data centers) Points (data centers)
10% 1 1
15% 2 2
20% 3 3
25% 4 4
30% 5 --

Confirm that calculations are up to date. Demonstrate that all purchases made since the end of the performance period meet the design performance requirements.


Option 2. Metered water use (1-5 points except Data Centers, 1-4 points Data Centers)

Meter fixtures and fittings, and record meter data for one year to establish a water-use baseline.


For projects with at least 80% of fixtures and fittings metered, show a reduction from the baseline year of meter data.

Table 2. Points for reducing metered water use

Percentage reduction Points (except data centers) Points (data centers)
< 5% 1 1
5-10% 2 2
10-15% 3 3
15-20% 4 4
>20% 5 --

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