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| v2008.2 draft

Optimize energy performance

EAc1 | Possible 34 points


1 year 1 week ago

Brian Christensen

It should be noted that HERS calculations inherently hold multifamily units to a higher standard than single family, simply because the unguarded blower door tests and duct-leakage-to-outside measurements include leakage to adjacent spaces as well as losses to the outdoors. The HERS calculation is designed for single family homes, where all the losses are to the outdoors. For this reason, in the longer term, I favor creating a separate system covering all stacked multifamily housing, whether lowrise or higher.
For the immediate question, although the standard has been and remains more stringent for multifamily housing (as noted above), I'll note that multifamily housing has successfully been meeting the existing Homes 2008 requirements. Since code standards have gotten more stringent in subsequent years, I think it appropriate to make LEED-Homes more stringent for both single family and lowrise multifamily housing. On balance, I am in favor of the proposed change.

1 year 2 weeks ago

Erik Heuler

It is unclear if this proposed change has any affect on the prescriptive path in the EA credit category. As written if appears that the point floor only applies to the performance path. To maintain consistency the point floor could be applied to the entire credit category regardless of the path taken. This would, essentially, lower the HERS point floor by up to 3 points for projects using the performance path and achieving both EAc7.1 & EAc7.2.

1 year 2 weeks ago

Samuel Klein

I agree with this change. Our constituency discussed and suggested this change during the 2012 Provider retreat.

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