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Control de Erosión en Zonas Tropicales (Erosion Control in the Tropics)

GBCI: 0910000257

El arte del control de erosión en América tropical, y LEED v4 como herramienta para poner en práctica medidas de control de erosión y sedimentación.
(The art of erosion control in tropical America and LEED v4 as a tool to implement measures to control erosion and sedimentation.)
Eligible for 1 CE HOUR.
  • 1 CE

LEED version: v4

Published on: April 17, 2014

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Presentado en español, este curso intenta explicar el arte del control de erosión en América tropical, enfocándose en LEED v4 como herramienta para incentivar la implementación de las medidas de control de erosión y sedimentación (BMP’s) antes de iniciar el movimiento de tierra de un proyecto. Adicionalmente, hace énfasis en la importancia del mantenimiento de estas medidas y describe los dibujos técnicos, los materiales, las funciones y los objeticos de las mas usadas en países tropicales con niveles de precipitación muy altos.

A través de dos casos prácticos, se describirán algunos métodos de control de erosión y estabilización de taludes, destacando la necesidad de realizar estudios preliminares que deben tener en cuenta las fuerzas activas y pasivas del sitio antes de diseñar las soluciones para este fin.

Como parte de este curso, después de ver la presentación, leer los tres estudios de caso en la sección de Recursos Adicionales.

Taught in Spanish, this course aims to explain the art of erosion control in tropical America, focusing on LEED v4 as a tool to encourage the implementation of measures to control erosion and sedimentation (BMP's) before starting the backfill activities of a project. Additionally, it focuses on the importance of maintaining these measures and describes the technical drawings, materials, functions and objectives of the most used measures in tropical countries where there are very high levels of precipitation.

Through two case studies, some methods of erosion control and slope stabilization are described; highlighting the need for preliminary studies that take into account the active and passive forces of the site, before designing solutions for this purpose.

As part of this course, after viewing the presentation, read the three case studies in the Additional Resources section.


  1. Comprender la intensidad del fenómeno de la erosión en zonas tropicales (Understand the intensity of the erosion phenomenon in the tropics)
  2. Explicar los beneficios de la implementación de LEED en Latinoamérica en cuanto a Control de Erosión (Explain the benefits of implementing LEED in Latin America in terms of Erosion Control)
  3. Identificar las prácticas de mejor manejo (BMP’s) durante la construcción en zonas tropicales (Identify best management practices (BMPs) for erosion control during construction in tropical areas)
  4. Conocer el proceso de la aplicación técnicas de estabilización de suelos y taludes (Describe the process for the technical implementation of soil and slope stabilization)
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Created by

Aqua Terra
Ciudad de Panama, PA


Maria Fernanda DE MENDOZA

Strategic Projects Manager - Associate
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13 commentsLeave a comment

LEED Advisor, CBRE
Pro Reviewer

This is an excellent course that stresses on the importance of the Erosion and Sediment Control Plan, not only for LEED and building projects, but also including infrastructure projects (such as the Panama Canal Case Study) in the Tropical Region.

The principles of the EPA Construction General Permit were clearly defined, shown and explained as well as the connection to the requirements of SSp1 Construction Activity Pollution Prevention of LEED for New Construction and Major Renovations Rating System.

I would recommend it to contractors in charge of the first stages of any construction project (whether it aims to obtain LEED certification) in the Tropical Region as sneak peek of what needs to be done in order to protect our bodies of water, acquifers and to prevent the collapse of our sewage and rain water conveyance systems due to construction / human activities.

Architect, Aqua Terra

Thank you William. We like to merge our practical cases with our education courses.

Project Manager , Media Services S.A. de C.V.

Gracias por compartir sus experiencias. Nos inspiran a educarnos y poder poner en práctica estrategias de protección al medio ambiente.

Architect, Aqua Terra

Gracias Eleonora, compartir e inspirar son las bases de nuestro trabajo diario.

Founder & Principal, Green Buildings
Pro Reviewer

Great course and overview of basic requirements to comply with EPA in the southern cone!

Architect, Aqua Terra

Thank you Micaela, we are thinking on doing this course in english soon.

Is this course subtitled throughout?

CEO, Aqua Terra

Hello Joseph,

Are you interested in this course being subtitled or are you interested in this course in other language ?

Please do reply with comments so that we can take into account these details.

Best regards,

Project Manager, Education Platforms, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Joseph,

The course is not subtitled, it is only available in Spanish. Thanks for checking!

CEO, Aqua Terra

Hi Melanie,

Would you suggest we produce this course in other languages as well ?

Please reply and have a great day.

CEO, Aqua Terra

It is great that you have taken the time to comment and encourage us !

Estimator, McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.

It is great to see that this type of measures are being taken in our countries.

CEO, Aqua Terra

Indeed Diana,

These are some of the projects we have been engaged in since 1997.

Aqua Terra is a knowledge based company, with environmental vocation, providing solutions, products and services to preserve the environment, to develop low impact infrastructure and high performance spaces.

And now that we have become an Education Partner of the US Green Building Council, we shall base our courses in the real Practical Cases we have for the benefit of many.

Than you Diana for commenting !

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