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ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise

GBCI: 0910000416

ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise building requirements, the process throughout building, and ideal team members.
Eligible for 3 CE HOURS.
  • 3 CE

  • LEED AP Homes
  • LEED Green Associate

LEED version: v4, v2009

Published on: July 07, 2014

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This course will explain the process of having multi-family high rises certified by ENERGY STAR. The certification, which signifies that the building has met rigorous efficiency standards, positions builders/developers as environmentally conscious and is associated with energy savings by consumers.

According to a 2013 study by the EPA, 87% of households recognized the ENERGY STAR label, with 82% having a high or general understand of the label’s purpose. Of the households that recognized the label and had purchased an ENERGY STAR labeled product, 73% said that their purchase decision was “very much” or “somewhat” driven by the brand. This widespread recognition and positive sentiment makes building to ENERGY STAR standards not only an environmentally responsible decision, but also a logical business branding choice.

Carissa will cover the ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise building requirements, the process throughout building, and ideal team members.

As part of this course, after watching the presentation, read the performance and prescriptive path approaches to building certification. Understanding the different paths to certification is essential to applying the best approach for your client’s building to be certified. (Reading materials are available in the Additional Resources section on the right. Quiz questions will be based on the presentation and these two readings):
• ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise National Performance Path Requirements
• ENERGY STAR Multifamily High Rise National Prescriptive Path Requirements

Additional materials are also available in the Resource section to support what is covered in the presentation and readings:

• ENERGY STAR Multifamily New Construction Program Decision Tree, Version 1.0
• Testing & Verification Protocols
• Testing & Verification Worksheet Example
• ENERGY STAR MFHR Photo Documentation Instructions
• ENERGY STAR MFHR Simulation Guidelines


  1. Identify key project team members of an ENERGY STAR MFHR project
  2. Identify the differences between the ENERGY STAR for Homes and the MFHR program and which program a particular project falls under
  3. List the steps to ENERGY STAR MFHR certification
  4. Identify ENERGY STAR MFHR program benefits
  5. Outline the differences between the prescriptive and the performance path of ENERGY STAR MFHR
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EnergyLogic, Inc.
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Carissa Sawyer

Energy Engineer EnergyLogic, Inc.
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President, Alicia Ravetto Architect PA
Pro Reviewer

I will highly recommend this course for those interested in Energy Star and LEED certifications. Also very helpful for Building managers who want to use Portfolio Manager to track the energy use of their buildings.

The additional quiz study guide covers material needed to take the quiz. It is a step by step guide and points to the resources that you will need to focus on.

Technical Designer, Gensler

Thank you for providing a LEED AP+H specific quiz there are not enough of these and it is so hard to get the credits!

EnergyLogic, Inc.

Thank you for the feedback on the course quiz. We’ve revised the quiz and added a study guide to address the issues and support the learners.

Director, Design, Brookfield Office Properties

The quiz is not based on the information provided in the course. This course is a waste of time.

To be able to answer the quiz questions, a lot lot of research is required. The quiz is not based on information provided in the presentation.


Quiz was not based on contents of course. Why is this? You are not providing a way for us to pass the quiz

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