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ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure System

GBCI: 0920000621

Understanding the ENERGY STAR Version 3 Thermal Enclosure System is critical to properly design and build a LEED v4 Home
Eligible for 1.5 CE HOURS.
  • 1.5 CE

  • LEED AP Homes
  • LEED Green Associate

LEED version: v4

Published on: August 24, 2014

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This training program is ideal for anyone that is part of team that is designing, building, or verifying a home for the LEED for Homes v4 Rating System. This is a comprehensive review of the requirements of the ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure System.

The course will cover all 5 sections of the Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist. It includes:

• Section 1 - High Performance Fenestration
• Section 2 – Quality-Installed Insulation
• Section 3 – Fully-Aligned Air Barriers
• Section 4 – Reduced Thermal Bridging
• Section 5 - Air Sealing

The course will cover the details of all 47 items on the Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist with examples of poor and proper installation.


  1. Describe thermal performance requirements for insulation and fenestration
  2. Define quality installed insulation
  3. Identify trouble areas for the design and installation of air barriers
  4. Recognize thermal bridging issues in a home
  5. Explain air sealing requirements for the ENERGY STAR Thermal Enclosure System
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Created by

EnergyLogic, Inc.
Berthoud, CO
United States


Steve Byers, Chief Executive Officer, EnergyLogic, Inc.
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3 commentsLeave a comment

Architect, Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC
Pro Reviewer

This course is best suited for seasoned residential architects and builders who have some familiarity with the Energy Star program. This rapid-pace course reviews the Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist line-by-line illustrating with photo examples of "good" installations and "poor" installations. I would recommend reviewing the check list prior to the start of this video so that you are familiar with the content as the presenter jumps-in without much preface and review the IECC 2009 criteria for your climate zone. Lacking from the presentation is additional resources for how to detail (in drawings or specs) the "good" installations. I found myself pausing the video to review the footnotes and checklist or rewinding to review content, and spent time writing down some key terms that I will need to research further. An additional hand-out with additional resource links would benefit the presentation. To viewers, I would recommend allotting additional time to view this course as the content is comprehensive of the checklist.

Energy and Building Modeling Lead, Callison LLC
Pro Reviewer

This presentation offers a review of the Energy Star Thermal Enclosure system. The video covers the system point-by-point and provides examples of the implementation. All slides and images in the presentation are clear and easy to follow. However, the video does not offer a deeper review beyond the point-by-point requirement.

I would like to recommend a link to the course guideline book or to the downloadable slides to make it easier to review all of the course detail information after the audience finishes the course. The presenter can improve the quality of the presentation by highlighting each point and sharing implementation experience.

Founder/Action Oriented Visionary, Drawing Conclusions LLC
Pro Reviewer

As stated by EnergyLogic, this training program is intended for anyone who is part of a team that is designing, building or certifying a home for the LEED for homes v4 Rating System. While it is comprehensive, it assumes an in depth understanding of building construction techniques and vocabulary.
Organized in a straight forward manner, it mirrors the ENERGY STAR Certified Homes, Version 3 (rev. 07) Thermal Enclosure System Rater Checklist, which is included as a reference. The pictures used to illustrate acceptable and unacceptable installations are helpful though, the addition of additional markers and arrows highlighting key elements would have made their inclusion more concise. The notes at the bottom of the slides which correspond to the notes on the checklist are expandable to allow the reader to delve into more detail in each of the areas covered. It is recommended that the notes be reviewed while advancing through the materials.
While overall it effectively reviewed each of the 47 checklist items - illustrations, texts and details are sometimes uneven, an important consideration in successfully applying the details discussed to achieving compliance.

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