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Insulation Choices - Unit 3 – High-Performance Wall Assemblies

GBCI: 0090010533

Please see "Additional Resources" to access the three additional videos that make up this course.
Eligible for 3 CE HOURS.
  • 3 CE

LEED version: v4, v2009

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In this third of BuildingGreen's four-part series on insulation, Peter Yost hosts architect and building scientist Steve Baczek in video presentations examining insulation details. The pros review specific designs in sectional 3-D, examine the individual layers, then explain how the choices specified in each layer relate to each other. The design details in this unit include 2x6 walls with continuous exterior insulation; double walls with cavity-fill insulation; and insulated curtain walls.

To complete this course, watch the intro video above. Then, click on the links in Additional Resources to the right to watch the additional video clips. Download the related handout for each video to have a copy of the insulation details discussed.

Also as part of this course, from BuildingGreen's 2013 "Guide to Insulation Products and Practices," you'll read about key environmental and performance factors for insulation materials; bottom-line insulation material recommendations; and recommended thermal design values for residential new construction.

Information on the additional units in this course can be found here.


  1. Describe key environmental and performance factors for insulation materials.
  2. Recount bottom-line insulation material recommendations and their respective environmental, performance, and cost issues.
  3. Interpret recommended thermal design values for residential new construction.
  4. Choose appropriate insulation materials—and describe their respective salutary effects—for a 2x6 wall with continuous exterior insulation; a double wall with cavity-fill insulation; and an insulated curtain wall.
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Peter Yost

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Hastings Architecture Associates, LLC
Pro Reviewer

The written content provided and sample wall assembly illustrations contain valuable comparative content. I agree with the previous reviewer that the written content is not tied to the video content. The presenters are very knowledgeable on the subject matter. The videos could be more useful if the presenters zoomed in on the wall assembly areas being discussed in lieu of using a pencil pointer on their monitor or showed construction photos of applicable details. For viewers watching the video, I would recommend having a print out the three assemblies handy to refer to and for note taking. Appropriate Audience: Residential Architects and Builders who use wood-frame construction.

Mechanical Engineer, Naval Facilities Engineering Command

The Navy's IT system can not play the videos. Videos need to be available to download and save to be played also with Microsoft Video Player

Principal, Ecosmith Architecture & Consulting
Pro Reviewer

Both the written content and the video content provided a lot of valuable information. These sources are not well knit together though. The written content covers more the performance, cost, health, and environmental considerations in choosing insulation. Whereas the videos are more concerned with the characteristics, design details, and comparative benefits of various above grade wall assemblies. The topics in the written content are only lightly touched on in the videos. So the content of each, while valuable, is not reinforced. The format of the video presentations is a bit static which required heightened focus from the listener to stay engaged. But staying engaged was worth it as the information conveyed is high quality. The two speakers are clearly knowledgeable on the topic. This course is definitely intermediate level and would be great for residential architects and builders.

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