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LEED v4 – A new look at materials

GBCI: 0910000403

Updates and changes to the MR and IEQ credit categories in LEED v4 and informative look at EPD’s and their role in the green building and product manufacturing industries.
Eligible for 0.5 CE HOURS.
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LEED version: v4

Published on: June 04, 2014

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The Materials & Resources category has seen the most change in the transition to LEED v4, almost every credit has changed substantially. This presentation is an overview to these changes. It will address each of the new credits in the materials section. It is intended for architects, designers and owners who will be specifying materials or purchasing materials for LEED projects. It is assumed that the attendees will have some prior understanding to the LEED materials credits but it is not required.

This training will prepare the attendees to understand the importance and justification for going to a life cycle approach to materials rather than single attribute reporting. The training will introduce the concept of Environmental Product Disclosure and explain the benefits of this information to improve manufacturer transparency and provide better clarify to designers and owner when selecting environmentally preferable materials.


  1. Understand the overarching themes introduced to the new LEED rating systems
  2. Identify the major changes to the Materials & Resources section of LEED v4.
  3. Analyze credit specific changes to the new LEED BD+C rating system.
  4. Understand the importance of Environmental Product Declarations and how they are used.
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Green Building Services, Inc.
Portland, OR
United States


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Elaine Aye

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very informative

Communications Principal, HDR, Inc.

a good general overview of the new material and resources credits compared to LEED v3

IT Infrastructure Manager, Ernst & Young LLP

Good introduction to new v4 Materials and Resources information. This is very important for new projects and market, but still not well known information, nice to have training.

Director, Sustainability Consulting, JLL

very confusing and overlapping information shown on slides with a very dry presentation

DPR Construction

Good information.

Owner, Sean J. Tobin, Architect
Pro Reviewer

Good overview of the updates to materials and concepts for LEED v4.

Owner / MGRM, HW Contracting, LLC

good presentation

HDR, Inc.

great ceu


Audio and visual for slide show quit working 1/4 of the way through the course. Had to use just the pdf slides.

Manhattan Construction Company

Good course


Succinct and comprehensive.


Excellent summary of the changes!

Lead Project Manager, Paradigm Construction


Project Manager, PSOMAS

It felt like the course was read from reference guide. Some slides necessitated more information that was not written on the slide itself but just read. You have to make tons of notes during listening or have reference guide because the slides do not provide much information .

Environmental Development Manager, Chicago Housing Authority

Some topics ere a little confusing if you have never hear the terms used before. However this an important new topic.

President , Green Building Services, Inc.

Thank you everyone for your insightful feedback. We will be sure to integrate on our next presentation.

Sustainable Technologies Manager, Farnsworth Group, Inc.

The topic of this presentation is essential to the success of LEED moving forward and something everyone definitely needs to understand. Overall good presentation presented in a casual conversational manner. There is A LOT of information within this presentation and if you aren't taking notes or following very closely it may be easy to get a little confused. The comparison between the way credits were organized in LEED V3 and how they are combined and re-organized under V4 is very helpful.

Founder & Principal, Green Group, Sustainability Consulting

The course provides a clear and extensive understanding on Environmental Impact Reporting and EPDs, which is very helpful to get to know the new subjects cover on LEED V4. The course gives a good overview of the major changes from LEED v3 to v4, covering all aspects of each credit under MR section. Make sure to have previous understanding of LEED to take full advantage of the course.

CEO, BuildingWise, LLC
Pro Reviewer

Good basic information and overview on this new subject. Good attention paid to the changes from V3 to V4. Great explanation on Environmental Impact Reporting and EPD's....But have a pencil and paper handy. Lots of verbal information not shown on the slides, all great information but you'll need to write it down.

Sustainability Specialist, HGA Architects and Engineers

Overall a good overview of the fundamental changes in Materials and Resources category in LEED v4 D+C. In particular, the discussion and examples of the EPD, LCAs and other new abbreviations will be helpful for those trying to navigate the new credits. The credit-by-credit overview is quite good and is something I would recommend going back and re-reviewing after watching the EPD portion at the end of the presentation unless you are already very familiar with those items. Note, however, that the presentation includes unofficial credit LEED v4 abbreviations which may lead to more confusion when a team goes to actually document a project as you cannot look up credits via abbreviations.

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