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LEED in Construction Phase
Lesson 2 - MR Prerequisite: Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning

GBCI: 0920000578

How to implement construction and demotion waste management in Europe
Eligible for 0.5 CE HOURS.
  • 0.5 CE

  • LEED Green Associate

LEED version: v4, v2009

Published on: August 12, 2014

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LEED in Construction Phase (Lesson 2) is specially designed for construction companies, supervision figures, LEED consultants and building owners. It is intended to facilitate projects teams worldwide to implement the MR prerequisite and credit related to Construction and Demolition Waste Management.
This course is based on the experiences gained by our team in role of LEED consultant and on different projects around Europe.

Many European projects face difficulties in decision making, particularly by the building owner, when it comes to Construction phase and LEED certification. Doubts are mainly related to unpreparedness of contracting companies to perform as per sustainability practices, as well as to lack of familiarity with different aspects like Construction and Demolition Waste Management.

Beside explanations, regarding requirements in construction phase, practical examples of implementation on European LEED certified project will be given, as well as comparison in some cases with the local normative and regulations, forms, examples of the report, standard modules to use.

A copy of the LEED v4 MR prerequisite and credit requirements is available in the Additional Resources section.


  1. Identify the intent, requirements, and strategies for success with LEED in Construction Phase
  2. Get familiar with planning process for construction waste management
  3. Produce correct compliant documentation
  4. Integrate the project with local and/or regional regulations


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LEED in Construction Phase

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LEED in Construction Phase
Lesson 2 - MR Prerequisite: Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning

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Manhattan Construction Company

Good course

Principal, Eco Metrics LLC

The content relating to Construction and Demolition Waste Management Planning is accurate, and supported with good case studies of relevant projects demonstrating the learning objectives. A good introduction the requirements of the new CWM prerequisite in LEED v4 and the means and methods of performing under multiple site scenarios.

LEED Manager, Arab Engineering Bureau

Video file is not working!

Project Manager, Education Platforms, U.S. Green Building Council

Hi Mohsen,

I'm sorry that you're having trouble accessing the video. Are you able to download it through the link that says "Download this video" (underneath the video)? What browser are you using to view the course?



Founder, DCarbon
Pro Reviewer

The course provides a comprehensive understanding of all critical issues related to the Construction Waste Management prerequisite and credit of LEED v4. More importantly, it highlights the physical integrity between the prerequisite and credit and clarifies that proper implementation of the prerequisite may with little additional effort extend to the corresponding credit achievement.

LEED Consulting & Sustainable Interior Design, Project Coordinating Services, LLC
Pro Reviewer

This is a great introductory course into the new requirements for the MR prerequisite in LEEDv4. It provides great information on developing a CWM Plan that outlines requisites for off-site and on-site C&D waste strategies with graphic illustrations. You'll learn how the plan is now a requirement and how it's a starting point for the optional credit that the design team may pursue.

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