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Saudi Green

GBCI: 0920000622

An overview of the Saudi Green Building Forum and working on green building projects in Saudi Arabia
Eligible for .5 CE HOURS.
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Published on: July 24, 2014

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This session takes an in look at the role of Saudi Green Building Forum, an integrative initiative by King of Saudi Arabia, and how its supports higher levels of building performance. Participants will gain an understanding of how Saudi Green improves a project team’s experience and streamlines efforts when working on green building projects in Saudi Arabia.

It is an introduction of Saudi Green foundational key concepts and strategies for the green building process locally vs international guiding principles.


  1. Recognize key-players from Government, non-Government and Private sectors.
  2. Describe Saudi Green adaptability to meet specific needs.
  3. Explore key foundational concepts of assessments tools, share background on the development process.
  4. Identify what LEED means for project teams, the structure of rating system, and how its flexibility lends itself to wider use.
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Saudi Arabia


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The Saudis are to be applauded for their commitment to sustainable design. I only wish I had seen female students in the video of the schools!

Architect, DAR

As an architect from the Middle East ... the only thing i can say is ...
Much English ! Great Success !

Senior Architectural Project Manager, HFSC4

I'm happy that the region chooses a path of green and promotes green practices, yet I find it ironic that oil pays for it... but... maybe that's a form of poetic justice, certainly irony. The little 'student' clip was disturbing - all the 'students' were boys. I'm surprised that none of the women posting here noticed that and/or were bothered by it. Does no one see that sustainability includes societal acceptance of all its citizens to pursue and 'dream' of a better world?

Sugar coating and ignoring obvious agendas does everyone a disservice. A discussion about why a kingdom, who's wealth comes from fossil fuels, would choose a vigorous green program such as the one presented, would be a much more productive conversation.

Do the Saudi's know something that we don't?

What does this vigorous agenda, from the 'source' of fossil fuels, say to us 'Westerners" regarding the future of fossil fuels? Is this the "elephant" in the room none of us (Westerners) want to talk about?

If Saudi Arabia is so concerned about sustainability, why aren't they rapidly halting oil production? Slowing production alone would eclipse any green building program in mitigating greenhouse emissions and degradation of the planet.

I'd appreciate any constructive comments and discussion on this subject.

LEED Manager, Arab Engineering Bureau

We are a contracting Company in Saudi Arabia & We have on going two under construction LEED registered projects at east side of the kingdom.

Thanks to the effort of Mr. Faisal Al Fadi & SGBC There is a tremendous trend to build green between the leading Saudi organizations.

I'm looking forward for part 2.

California State University, Long Beach

I am impressed with the initiative Saudi is taking with sustainable development. It is a productive "lead by example" model that I wish will have influence not only on GCC's, but extended to countries like Egypt and even Lebanon, where they are desperately in need of sustainable living. I hope that the next presentation will highlight specific projects in the kingdom, along with the challenges encountered and how they were resolved.

Faculty and Director, Green Building Learning Collaborative, University of Florida
Pro Reviewer

Although this course is part 1 of possible series of other coming parts, the material presented was very basic, some of the facts related to benefits of building green were not relevant to Saudi or that region. However, the basic facts about the status of green in Saudi were good and the video on green schools was very good too.
This course can be valuable if some environmental and natural resource facts related to that region added. For example, why building green in Saudi? What is the status of water as natural resource? What is the Saudi buildings carbon footprint? Etc.

Environmental Engineer, LEED AP, USGBC Faculty, Jain Engineering Consultants Intl.

This course provides some facts about the Green Building Movement and LEED projects in Saudi Arabia in terms of number of projects registered and percentages. and provides an introduction to Saudi Green. However, it would be interesting to see specific information about the Green Building Experience in Saudi Arabia. And to highlight percentages of savings with regards to energy, water, materials.

SVP, Global Real Estate Design & Planning Manager, Citi
Pro Reviewer

This presentation is the first part of a two-part series, focusing on the key concepts, strategies and vision for green building in Saudi Arabia and primarily focuses on the key concepts of green building, with some insight into current facts specific to the region. Second half of the presentation offers a basic overview of the LEED system, with US specific numbers to further the case for green building.

I, personally, would have loved to see much more region-specific figures and lessons learned from the 14M square meters of green building know how since 2010, which I suspect would be the basis of the second part of the series. Good intro to the essentials and preparation for a deeper dive...

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