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Solar for Starters

GBCI: 0910000417

The importance and fundamentals of solar along with analyzing the practical aspects, promises and challenges of solar energy.
Eligible for 1 CE HOUR.
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LEED version: v4, v2009

Published on: June 12, 2014

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With the booming solar industry in mind, this course addresses the importance and fundamentals of solar along with analyzing the practical aspects, promises and challenges of solar energy. The course describes what is solar, why it is important, how it works and where it is headed. This course creates the basis for a more detailed look at GBRI’s new solar series titled "Solar Revolution: The Rise of a New Era.”

This presentation will set the stage to enhance your understanding of the solar industry. Topics covered in this presentation will include:

• Solar radiation
• Electricity & Energy basics
• Return on Investment (ROI)
• Federal and State Incentives and Rebates
• Market trends
• Industry and energy chart analysis
• Projects
• Future of Solar

This presentation includes some of the Q&A from the original recording with a live audience.

After viewing the presentation, the course also includes reviewing the graphs in the Executive Summary section of the DOE’s Annual Energy Outlook 2014 report.

A copy of the reading is in the Additional Resources section to the right. The full report can be accessed here.


  1. Describe the importance and basics of solar energy
  2. Identify why renewable energy is important and solar energy's role
  3. Identify market drivers
  4. Understand how solar energy systems work
  5. Analyze solar case studies and where the solar industry is headed
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Created by

Green Building Research Institute (GBRI)
San Antonio, TX
United States


Jeffrey Mathews

Engineer and Trainer
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8 commentsLeave a comment

Material Handler, CH2M HILL

Well done! As I begin my journey into sustainable building knowledge, this was a very good first step. A lot of knowledge, easily laid out and surprisingly I actually remembered everything!

Dar Al-Handasah

Good Course ! Great amount of information in a very simple way ! Good work ! Wish to see more courses from this team ! Keep it up !

Senior Project Manager, Conservation Services Group
Pro Reviewer

The presentation is a good overview of solar energy as well as photovoltaics. it provides both the context from the origin to current methods of harnessing solar energy. The comparison to other energy sources for both present market role and predicted market penetration showed potential but it was unclear whether that was based on incentive's or not.

Energy and Sustainabilty Account Manager, Johnson Controls, Inc.

I like the format and how it simply explains the basic concepts and theories of solar power. The energy reports are also very useful to understand the future of renewable energy types. Great work guys!

Senior Electrical Engineer, Dar Al-Handasah
Pro Reviewer

The course stands as a good introduction to the Solar Business in general as well as a worthy outlook towards the Solar Market progress, federal incentives, paybacks and benefits.
The course addressed only the US Market and should have negotiated some global profiles as well.
The presentation primarily explained the domestic/small commercial grid connected-type arrangements with a small touch up on the battery storage system. No details are furnished for the different PV panel types in terms of efficiency, applications, installations and factors.

Principal, NRG-AR
Pro Reviewer

This course is intended for beginners who are intrerested in the very basics of photovoltaics. It is concise in presenting solar concepts and the main elements of a small system. Pros: it is easy to understand and is coupled by some examples of the benefits of solar PV use in the US. Cons: do not expect too much if you are interested in installing a panel on your roof.


Excellent graphic presentation for beginners

Kiewit Corporation

Informative for beginners. I found this course useful for the outlook that provides for near future.

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