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Speech Privacy & Sound Masking in Modern Architecture

GBCI: 0910000415

Identify interior design factors that will signal the need for sound masking and approaches to address the issues.
Eligible for 1 CE HOUR.
  • 1 CE

  • LU/HSW

LEED version: v4

Published on: June 06, 2014

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Recent research has found that current work environments are fulfilling the needs for collaboration and communication, but are doing a poor job of providing an acoustical environment free from distractions and conducive for productivity and speech privacy.

This presentation will cover:
• Research on current satisfaction levels in workplace environments
• Current design trends and associated acoustic issues
• Fundamental acoustic principles
• Sound masking technology and what it can and cannot do

Participants will leave with an understanding of how to identify interior design factors that will signal the need for sound masking and approaches to address the issues.

After viewing the presentation, download and read the two handouts for additional content related to this course topics and learning objectives.

Special thanks to Cambridge Sound Management.


  1. Understand the importance of acoustic privacy in the workplace
  2. Describe the principles involved in the ABC’s of good acoustical design
  3. Understand what speech privacy is and how it is measured
  4. Understand what sound masking is and what role it plays in speech privacy
  5. Identify some of the major design issues related to speech privacy in open offices, private offices, and health facilities.
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Created by

America Training Solutions
Raleigh, NC
United States


Justin Stout

Director of Market Development
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15 commentsLeave a comment


Straight to the point, and very informative.

principal/design director, Gensler

very clear and concise course on acoustics, easy to follow and easy to digest...more courses like this one!

principal/design director, Gensler

very clear and concise course on acoustics, easy to follow and easy to digest...more courses like this one!

Mechanical Designer, Peters, Tschantz & Associates, Inc.

Good information presented in easy to understand concise manner. Perfect introduction for someone who needs basic understanding of the topic.


it is very imprtant to create a comfortable environment of work, hospitality and healthcare and noise control plays a very important role, this presentation shows a very plain and concrete coverage of the subject.

New Zealand Engineering Director, Miyamoto International New Zealand Ltd

An interesting presentation, very useful.

Founder & CEO, BuildingWise, LLC
Pro Reviewer

A very clear, concise, explanation of the problems of distracting sound that is encountered in many open offices in todays modern buildings. A well put together, professional style presentation clearly lays out the 'problem', the options and the cures.An excellent workshop.


a good job explaining the ability to manage sound in the various environments. Easy to follow and understand the concepts and needs.

Design Professional, HOK

Is this course eligible for AIA LUs or GBCI Leed GA Specific CEs?

Project Manager, Education Platforms, U.S. Green Building Council

This course is eligible for 1 GBCI CE hour - General, not LEED Specific. It is not eligible for AIA LUs.


The course is eligible for AIA LU/HSW

Principal, NRG-AR
Pro Reviewer

This is a fine course on the basics and overall characteristics of sound management within buildings. The course is concise and clear. The information is well organized and presented. The presenter delivers the course in a quiet and calm manner, which makes it very easy to follow for international learners. I would reccomend having a look at the handouts, as it summarizes the Speech Privacy Potencial concept

Smart Home Technology & Sustainable Design Strategy, Samsung

Very clear and well done.

Construction Specialties, Inc.

Very well done. The information was presented in an easy to understand way. The slides were a beneficial learning aid, and the speaker was easy to understand and pleasant to listen to. I'm glad I watched this. It is good insight to a topic that I deal with daily in an open office space.

Interior Designer, Project Manager, Retailworks, Inc

Easy-to-follow and understand. Good information that never talked over my head. This is a fairly new topic for me, so this was a helpful overview.

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