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Introducing the Green Building Information Gateway

GBIG is a web-based tool, search engine and data platform for exploring and comparing the green dimensions of the built environment. Get your data, analysis and insights about green building practice through GBIG.


Learn about the actions that make a building green.

Each action, event or project occurring within a building is an activity that has the potential to contribute to a greener, more sustainable built environment. There can be many activities that occur over time in a single building that demonstrate a commitment to sustainability.

Unpack the LEED Plaque

View credit-achievement data for projects on the LEED Dashboard.

See how projects rank against their peers and find similar projects. Discover the green building strategies that have been successfully implemented and how they rank resource use reduction.


See a timeline of the green building activity that’s taken place at a building.

Find out if certifications are current, and learn what a building is doing to maintain its green status.


Explore green building activity by location.

GBIG Place pages provide an overview of green building activity, professional talent and policy adoption for a specific location. Place pages allow users to discover trends and compare cities, states, congressional districts, and countries along key indicators.


See trends and patterns in adoption of green building practices and technologies.

Take a closer look into individual green building strategies and see how frequently, or rarely, a specific LEED credit is earned. See which strategies are trending up or down, and identify the projects and markets that are earning those hard-to-achieve credits. Maps and tables offer insight into the distribution and frequency of green building strategies as represented by LEED credits.


Explore connections between projects, people, products and services.

Collections are portfolios of green buildings that share a common theme, and can be summarized and compared along key indicators and metrics. GBIG features collections that highlight the impacts of policy, technology and economic partnerships on green building. GBIG also presents collections that group projects and buildings according to their location, owner or investor, or successful implementation of certain green building strategies.

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