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How is project experience assessed within the LEED AP exam?


The Test Specifications for each LEED credentialing exam is a result of the data borne from the Job Task Analysis survey conducted in Q3 of 2013.

In the Job Task Analysis Survey, respondents were asked to assign an importance rating to various tasks that were deemed necessary for a newly credentialed LEED professional to do for the safe and effective practice of LEED and assign a rating to statements that identified what they needed to know in order to do those tasks.

As a result of the survey, important tasks and knowledge areas were identified as necessary for a newly credentialed LEED professional to do and know. Further, these components are linked together in each test question. For instance, it is not sufficient to know what LEED Online is, but rather the candidate will need to know how to use LEED Online. Without ever registering a project, or observing someone register a project, the candidate will not know how to answer the LEED Online questions. Without participating in a charette, the candidate may not be able to answer questions on the integrative process.

By linking tasks and knowledge requirements in a multiple choice test question, cognitive processes (what you know) as well as skills (what you do) are evaluated.

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