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If the LEEDuser forum is not an authoritative source for answers to my unique project questions, where should I turn?


If your question is not addressed by one of the official LEED sources, then we recommend either using your best judgment to comply with and document a credit or prerequisite and then await GBCI review comments, or, if you would like a definitive answer to a question, request a Credit Interpretation Ruling (CIR) or LEED Interpretation.

Also, in many cases—for example, with a LEED Online form not functioning as expected, a procedural question on LEED project certification, or a need for clarification of a review comment—your best course of action is often to contact GBCI directly through its website.

Finally, it is worth noting that many questions on the LEEDuser forum can be (and often are) answered by a qualified professional, such as those on the volunteer team of LEEDuser Experts. If you are dealing with knotty problems in a specific area such as energy modeling or stormwater management, then bringing greater expertise onto your team is often the best route, and one that can lead to a more integrated project team capable of delivering the greenest building.

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