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In Advocacy and policy 12.17.2014

Minding the gender gap in green building

On stage at Greenbuild 2013 in Philadelphia, our CEO Rick Fedrizzi sat across from former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and said that there weren’t enough women coming into our movement. He continued by asking what we could do to bring more gender equity to green building. This question is one that companies and organizations worldwide are asking themselves—how do we bring more diversity to our operations in order to pull top talent from the biggest pool? Many of USGBC's member...

In Industry 12.12.2014

Sound bites: Telling your sustainability story

Sustainability marketing has evolved into a discipline in and of itself. And this year at Greenbuild 2014, this topic took center stage. Sold-out Greenbuild special set session Marketing + Sustainability: The Tools and Tips to Tell Your Story featured a cross-section of leaders who are engaged in both marketing functions and sustainability-related work. Their conversations spanned the entire lifecycle of sustainability marketing: Why corporate social responsibility and sustainability matter to...

In Education 12.11.2014

Get to know USGBC Pro Reviewer Charalampos Giannikopoulos

USGBC Pro Reviewersare experts in green building and sustainability who review courses on Education @USGBC. They provide detailed feedback to the course creators, as well as reviews on the course page. This feedback helps the course creators improve their education and helps other users decide whether or not the course is a good fit for them. Meet our USGBC Pro Reviewer Charalampos Giannikopoulos Who's your employer? DCarbon What's your position? Sustainability Advisor What's your...

In Center for Green Schools 12.10.2014

Kill the Cup: coffee, selfies, and environmental impact

Did you know that 50 billion paper cups get discarded in America each year? It’s unbelievable! I started researching the ‘cup problem’ when I was a grad student at UC San Diego; here's what I've found: In 2008, Starbucks established a goal to serve 25% of all drinks in reusable cups. Customers received discounts for bringing personal tumblers, and environmental messaging helped raise awareness about waste reduction. Three years later, however, the reusable rate...

In Education 12.16.2014

Course preview: Greening Your Lease with LEED [video]

Education @USGBC is your go-to place for sustainability and green building education. Ready to take your knowledge to the next level? Check out the preview below of this month's featured course, courtesy of the Green Building Alliance, Greening Your Lease with LEED. This course will provide a great introduction for building owners or tenants who want to use their lease as a tool for ensuring that their building or space is as healthy and sustainable as possible, or for green building...

In Industry 12.12.2014

Balancing compelling images and convincing text when promoting your LEED project

Everyone knows the old adage “A picture is worth 1,000 words.” The human brain responds to images differently than it responds to descriptive text. Vivid color, pattern and the suggestion of motion engage our eyes and our minds in ways that words just don’t. Even the most active imagination can’t reliably convert prose to imagery in a way that matches the power of viewing a photo or an illustration. If you’re a creator of original marketing content for a LEED...

In Advocacy and policy 12.11.2014

Reflections on the global imperative of green building

If targets for greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction are to be met, decision-makers must unlock the potential of the building sector with much greater seriousness and vigor than they have to date and make mitigation of building-related emissions a cornerstone of every national climate change strategy. — Achim Steiner, Executive Director, UNEP (from a 2010 report) It was almost five years ago when I traveled to Copenhagen for the international climate conference, affectionately...

In LEED 12.10.2014

LEED reviewer experts are available to help you

Green building thrives on collaboration between team members. After all, buildings are complex systems and it may not always be clear how the LEED requirements apply to your project. GBCI recognizes the valuable role that collaborative communication can play in helping your team work effectively—not just within your team, but also with your LEED reviewer. There are a number of ways you can reach out to your reviewer before, during and after the review: If you need clarification on...

In Community 12.15.2014

Your cheat sheet for a sustainable holiday season

For many, the holidays are one of the most anticipated times of the year. They're when we liven up our spaces with our most festive decorations, bring friends and family together over delicious meals, and express our utmost appreciation for being able to surround ourselves with those we hold dear.  Of course, all of this merry-making involves a lot of materials and behavior that can leave our planet feeling a bit less cheerful. We generate eye-opening amounts of waste and ratchet up our...

In LEED 12.12.2014

LEED in Motion: India just released

USGBC has just launched the latest installment in our popular LEED in Motion report series, LEED in Motion: India. The report provides a far-reaching account of the factors that have led to nearly 2,000 buildings participating in LEED across the Indian subcontinent, comprising 833 million square feet of building space using the world's most prominent green building rating system.  The advancement of LEED in India is the result of several factors, including key strategic partnerships...

In Media 12.11.2014

833 Million Square Feet of Building Space in India using LEED

Report - LEED in Motion: India, emphasizes the rapid expansion of green building New Delhi, India  – (11 Dec 2014) – USGBC announced today that 833 million square feet of building space in India is using LEED. The new study, LEED in Motion: India, was released today and details the impact LEED and green building have had on the Indian economy and its buildings, homes and communities. The LEED in Motion: India report provides a far-reaching account of the factors that have...

In LEED 12.9.2014

LEED AP ND exam to feature LEED v4 content in February 2015

On Feb. 25, 2015, the LEED AP Neighborhood Development (ND) exam will begin featuring LEED v4 content and project experience assessment. (The LEED Green Associate and other LEED AP exams were already updated to reflect the v4 rating system in June 2014; here's more on that change.) If you're prepping to take the LEED AP ND exam be sure to keep these dates in mind: The last day to take the LEED AP ND exam with LEED 2009 content will be Feb. 10, 2015. The first day to take the...

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