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In LEED 12.9.2014

LEED AP ND exam to feature LEED v4 content in February 2015

On Feb. 25, 2015, the LEED AP Neighborhood Development (ND) exam will begin featuring LEED v4 content and project experience assessment. (The LEED Green Associate and other LEED AP exams were already updated to reflect the v4 rating system in June 2014; here's more on that change.) If you're prepping to take the LEED AP ND exam be sure to keep these dates in mind: The last day to take the LEED AP ND exam with LEED 2009 content will be Feb. 10, 2015. The first day to take the...

In Industry 12.8.2014

Great Expectations: Live from COP20 in Peru

I am here this week in Peru, a country poised to be a leader in green building and sustainability for all of South America, and the host of this week’s COP20 meeting. This conference—part of the United Nations Environment Programme's Framework Convention on Climate Change—feels decidedly different from previous sessions in Warsaw, Dohah and Durban. The past few weeks have seen a global reaction to the IPCC’s Fifth Assessment Report, as well as discussions around 2° C...

In LEED 12.5.2014

USGBC accelerates social equity with new LEED credits

This article is co-authored by Joel Ann Todd, chair of the LEED Steering Committee from 2009 through 2013, and Susan Kaplan, President and Founder of BuildingWrx. USGBC’s recent move to release new social equity LEED credits marks an important step toward fulfilling its organizational goal of using green buildings to enhance the lives of all people in all buildings. The credits have been designed to address social equity from the perspective of everyone who is touched or...

In Industry 12.4.2014

Vietnam manufacturing facilities: Leading the march for sustainable strategies

Ho Chi Minh City is a place where lessons of culture, history and our global economy are woven into its very fabric. I’m here with UTC Building & Industrial Systems as a part of its fourth annual Distinguished Sustainability Lecture Series, and while I’m here to talk about LEED and USGBC to a mix of current and aspiring sustainability experts I’m amazed by how much this city and these people are teaching me about the interplay between sustainability and manufacturing. Here...

In Industry 12.9.2014

Greening the global supply chain part 1: Building a consumer movement

This holiday season, as we all gather to celebrate the things that truly matter—friends, family, and many other blessings—let us also remember an equally important responsibility that we all share: the continued health of our planet. The holiday season may seem like the perfect time to take a break from worrying about things like climate change, biodiversity loss, the destruction of our oceans etc., but in all reality, we are entering a time period that amounts to our movement...

In LEED 12.8.2014

Peru's first LEED-certified existing building project

Water is one of the world’s most valuable and essential natural resources. In Peru, water is a scarce resource and on average Peruvians have to spend a staggering S/.10.00 Soles per cubic liter (USD$4.00). Compounding the problem is a lack of wastewater standards and regulations. Peru’s future depends on smart water management and Edificio Real Diez, the first LEED for Existing Buildings certified project in Peru, offers a fine example of how water management is changing for the...

In Media 12.5.2014

USGBC and BCSE Join Global Effort to Further Energy Efficiency

The two sustainability leaders become partners of the United Nations’ Sustainable Energy for All Initiative’s Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform LIMA - (Dec. 5, 2014) – The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) announced today that it has joined the Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform, along with the Business Council for Sustainable Energy (BCSE). The Global Energy Efficiency Accelerator Platform is a program of U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki Moon’s...

In LEED 12.3.2014

LEED certification update: November 2014

In this recurring monthly feature, we take a look at LEED certification activity in October 2014, broken out by rating system and location, as well as newly certified LEED projects in the news. Be sure to check out USGBC's LEED project directory for a closer look at LEED projects in your area. You can also visit the Green Building Information Gateway to analyze LEED trends around the world. Certification Level Projects Certified Square Footage...

In Education 12.9.2014

Introducing USGBC Education Partner AEC Daily

USGBC Education Partners are leaders, trusted voices and reputable providers of green building and sustainability education. You can access their courses on Education @USGBC.  Meet our USGBC Education Partner AEC Daily If someone could only take one of your courses, what should they take? Within the subscription, we have a series covering LEED for the contractor that we love, and that one reviewer called “an excellent step by step how to guide.” The final course...

In Community 12.8.2014

Georgia is leading the way with LEED: A recap after the tweets

I recently had the chance to be part of the first #LUNCHnLEED Twitter chat hosted by the USGBC Georgia Chapter and my company, GreenShortz, and driven by our marketing firm, Moxie Media & Marketing.  Just before we started, it struck me that Twitter is the LEED of social media: it's all about efficiency of thought and expression, but it runs on innovation. This is exactly what we experienced throughout the following hour. Jeremy Sigmon...

In Industry 12.4.2014

Get the facts: how an appliance overhaul can significantly green your home

This article is the fourth installment in a series of tips and best practices for making your home more sustainable. Check out the first article on behavioral changes you can make to live greener at home, the second article on programmable thermostats, and the third article on energy-efficient lighting. Here's a little piece of green building trivia for you: energy use in homes, buildings and industry account for roughly two-thirds of the greenhouse gas emissions in the U.S., according to...

In Industry 12.3.2014

How resilience and sustainability are shaping concrete solutions for stronger communities

Globally, so many communities face multidimensional threats, hazards, and disasters. And, as social and economic loss from these impacts continues to increase, development with a renewed focus on sustainability and resilience can offer opportunities for mitigating the financial, environmental, and community impacts from these events. Communities continue to advocate for increased sustainability and resilience, and the American Concrete Institute (ACI)—working with nearly 20,000 members,...

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